Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For my gorgeous Mum........

October is a very important month to me as it is Breast Cancer awareness month & I always dedicate this to my very special & couragous Mum who has survived breast cancer not once but twice. Both times she had her breast removed & both times her strength just blew me away. So my Darlin' this month is for you, your courage, your determination & mostly for your love.......

On Saturday we are jumping in the car & heading south in preparation of the birth of our Granddaughter on Tuesday, oooooooh I just cannot wait, a little lady to make all pinky things for. Although we have been told it is a girl, I have put off making anything just in case it is another boy, I cannot see my son dressing his son in pink!

Ok so that is about it for now, I really have to go & clean my home, it looks like a bomb has hit it has I have not had the strength to do anything lately.

Have a great great day
Lyn xoxoxoxo

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Cottage Rose said...

Kudo`s to your Mum and her inner strength. I have had friends affected, majorily, with breast cancer and the resilence they have shown is outstanding and inspiring.
Maybe the day will come (I hope) where no woman will ever have to suffer this tragic cancer!

Good luck for next week, I am very partial to little girls, they are all little princesses.