Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow are these SWEET or what.....

I was going to write up about these cuties yesterday, I bought them on Etsy & really love them. The two pink ones I bought for myself & the one with the apple (which is from the cover of a series of books) is for my daughter Taska. She has just finished reading all the books & when I saw it just knew she would love it! I emailed my Mum earlier & included these photos & she emailed me back asking me if they were perfume? Am still laughing Mum!! I especially love the Keep Calm, Carry On, & hey did not cost any where near $295!
We have been having some real doosey storms this week, Tuesday we had hail the size of cricket balls & today it feels like we have gone back to Winter again, I'm even make wearing my winter clothes again!! My poor garden looks a real mess, but hey I suppose that is Mother Nature huh.

Ok have to go, had more to write but well another time!

So let me know what you think of my cuties & hoping all you beautiful Ladies have a GREAT night.

OK so can someone PLEASE tell me how I can put all the great music I hear on my blog & how I can put links to my Etsy on here as well.

Heaps of kisses & cuddles

Love Yah Heaps Mum & Dad

Lyn xoxoxo


our shabby cottage said...

Hi Lyn, these are fab!!! I LOVE the keep calm one too. Which Etsy shop did you buy them from????

To put the Etsy shop link on your sidebar, you go to "Your Etsy", then right down on the left hand side under "PROMOTE" is a little thing called "Etsy Mini". Create it then copy the code to your "HTML Gadget" in your sidebar.
If you get stuck - you know where I am!!!! Kathryn. XX

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Lyn, they are beautiful ! I bought my first things on Etsy a few weeks ago (Halloween stuff) but it hasnt arrived yet so i am busting to get my parcels! It is so addictive there are sooo many wonderful things there you could spend all day looking at it. Mel xxx

angel said...

It took me a moment or 10 to work out what those pic's were of.... now i know and wow they are gorgeous.

Lovely blog Honey. X x X x X

[sorry forgot to say] I found you over at Debbies English Treasures, she is so adorable isnt she.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
I love the new things, just lovely at a fraction of the cost too!
I am off to have a 'wander' on Etsy.
Sarah xxx