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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This was supposed to be a HAPPY post, for Christmas, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO tired, hurt & sore all over from painting & had the shits with everything & everyone tonight, UNTIL I found out a very close friend of ours tried to throw himself in front of a train last night. This beautiful Man has a gorgeous Wife & 3 beautiful kids, what we all thought everything to live for, you just NEVER EVER KNOW! SO HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER WITH YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS & SHOW THEM YOU LOVE THEM. I THANK GOD, BUDDHA, WHATEVER, DAVE IS STILL HERE WITH US.



Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought it was time I showed you all my Chrissie tree, not the best photos but well you can get the gist of it.

This year I choose pink, cream & silver as the main colours for my tree.

The red stocking is one I bought last year from a ebay seller in America.

These gorgeous baubles I bought from Spotlight, they have cute pink Christmas Stocking all over them!

And I managed to buy the matching wrapping paper as well, not very often that happens, I can tell you!

Ok so I don't know if you can tell but the black specks in the sky are fruit bats leaving the other night. We have had a major problem in our area with these dirty, noisy, smelly pests! Have even had one spew on my shoulder as they were leaving a few years ago & I have to tell you it burnt the hell out of my shoulder. It was like acid dropping on me.

I realise a lot of people think these things are *cute*, I find nothing cute about them & cannot understand why they are protected. They kill the trees they live in, the ground reeks when ever it rains from their urine, they are just YUCK.

When we moved here in 1996 there were no bats, they arrived a couple of years later & more & more keep coming every year. This would not even be an eighth of the amount that live just down the road from us. this year our very wise council decided to cut down the beautiful big trees that they live in & built them wooden roosting nests, it still didn't stop them, there are more back yet again this year.
Ok so I have had my whinge for the day.
Tomorrow will be my last post before Christmas.
See yah then
Lyn xoxox

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I have been pretty slack lately, well at posting that is, have been sooooo busy cleaning, painting, getting ready for Christmas, that I feel I am running out of time, & I started my Christmas shopping in March this year!!!! Anyway, its good to be back & I really wanted to show you what I made for Kylie at for the Secret Santa Honeypot Swap. It has been years & years since I have cross stitched & really enjoyed making these Chrissie Decorations for her. If you go to her blog you can see a photo of them on her tree, these photos did not turn out the best!
Dylan my youngest son liked the Chrissie tree so much her wants me to make him
one, another thing on my *to do list*!!

All wrapped up snugly in their Christmas box. Well this is a short & sweet one, has been stinking hot here today in the mid 30's & was out all day at the shopping centres (thank god for Air Con, really need it our sweet ole abode) getting the last of the Chrissie pressies, just 2 more to go & I am done, yessssssssss! Bought too much for Dylan (as usual) but he has his birthday Feb 14th, so have made a start on that at least.
Ok, that's it for now, the storm we were suppose to get has been & gone, has cooled down outside at least but not inside!
Be back tomorrow.
Enjoy your night
Lyn xoxxo

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Santa Honeypot Swap, how gorgeous are these....

I did my first swap last month, it was the Secret Santa Honeypot Swap & my Secret Santa was Judy Greer who lives in a small town in Tennessee. We had sent each other a couple of emails before my parcel arrived in the post, & Judy honestly is such a lovely Lady. I am so thrilled with my Christmas decorations, just how cute is the lolly pop & the lolly, I was jumping round the room for joy when they arrived. Judy also made me the beautiful card, & as an extra put in the stunning hand towel, which has an R embroidered on it, just perfect. Then to really top it off the next day in the mail this gorgeous postcard arrived from Judy, it will also be bought out each Christmas & take pride of place on my Hall stand. (Sorry it is a bad photo, I deleted the wrong one) So thank you so much Judy, you made such a wonderful job of everything & I cannot thank you enough. I was hoping to put a link to Judy's blog but unfortunately I do not have it, I have emailed her so as soon as I get it will put it on for you.

I had planned on putting more on this post but could not get the other photos on, so will post again tomorrow. Have a great night everyone.

Lyn xoxxo

What do you know, Ive been tagged.......

Recently Mel from tagged me seven things about myself, sorry Mel that it has taken so long to do this but anyway here goes...

1. I was born on the 22nd Jan 1960 (yep I know Im getting up there in age, but do not feel it thank goodness) in New Zealand to Margaret & Harold, the best Parents a girl could ever have. Being pretty stubborn I decided I was not going to arrive into this world on my head, so after quite a battle of wills with my Doctor insisting on turning me back around all the time, I finally won & came popping out on my feet!

2. My first full time job was working in an office, not the most suitable job I must admit, but I stuck it out for 6 months while waiting for a Hairdressing Apprenticeship to become available. After I qualified at the age of 21 I moved to Australia with the guy who became my future Husband. We lived in Sydney, & rented quite a few places in Kings Cross, had a ball living & working there (at the Crest Hotel as a Housemaid) & met & made friends with some pretty colourful people.

3. At the age of 22 I had my eldest son, Mick decided to arrive 5 weeks early & I was in labour for an hour! I found it hard not having my Mum with me for support, I can remember one day when Mick slept for 11 hours straight, I poked & prodded him, did everything to wake him, in the end rang my Mum in a panic, & she very calmly told me that being premy he just needed his sleep!

4. New Years day 1986 I left my Husband & moved up to Coffs Harbour to stay with my Sister in law, 3 weeks before my second son was due. Sharon picked me up at the airport, we had just pulled into her driveway & I couldn't get out of the car. A quick trip to the hospital & in less than an hour Ryan arrived into the world. I few months later I moved into my own place where I was very lucky to make friends with some great Ladies.

5. When Ryno was around 2 1/2 I met my future Hubby (the photo below is on our wedding day, over 17 years ago, good grief, where have the years gone?) He asked me 5 times to marry him, I finally said YES when he told me it was either marriage or the end of the relationship, & I came to realise I trusted this beautiful man enough to *take the plunge again*, something I have never regretted! I know it sounds corny but Noel is my best Mate, he has always put me first, he loves me for me & has put up with so much, a early menopause which started when I was 36 & put him through hell, & my depression. I honestly love this man with all my soul & cannot imagine what life would be like without him.

6. In 1993 on the 7th February I was cooking tea 2 weeks before our daughter was due to be born, when (excuse me) but I had the biggest urge to go to the loo. Noel & the boys were watching a movie & when I realised the *urge* was in fact labour pains & I couldn't get off the toilet I started calling out for help! The tv was up to loud for them to hear, finally managed to drag myself off & all hell broke loose as the rush was on to get to the hospital. I had come to realise that when the pains started they didn't stop, no led up just full on labour, we were just very lucky to be living with Noels Mum & Dad at the time so didn't have to worry about the boys. 3/4 hour later Taska Rose was born, I finally had my little girl. In September 1996 we bought & moved into our home. When Taska started school I returned back to work & then in 2000 I was very SHOCKED to discover I was 5 months pregnant! I had had no signs what so ever, this one decided to stay hidden until they wanted to be known! On the 14th Feb 2001 at the age of 41 I gave birth to Dylan, who was 3 weeks early & the labour lasted 23 minutes, he was the fasted on record at Coffs Harbour Hospital. But he had one last little *surprise* for us, he also decided he was going to land on his feet, Karma had come back to bite me on the bum!

7. I love to sew, in fact I enjoy many different crafts, & this year took the plunge & finally started selling my wares on ebay. I have *met* some lovely Ladies who I have had the privilege to sell to, & although I had a rather nasty experience with one buyer, I will be back to it in the New Year. I have decided that 2009 is going to be the best year ever & am really looking forward to it. Oh & one last thing, I just LOVE hugs & kisses, a real need to get through the day!

Sorry but for some reason ??? the photo turned out smaller than it actually is, just click on it if you really want to have a look! Ok so that is my 7 things about me, hope I haven't bored you guys tooooooooo much. Now I have to pick 7 other bloggers & challenge them. Here goes...

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So there you go, all done, now I just have to notify everyone that they have been tagged! This has taken a lot longer than I thought so will not be back on until tonight to post what I was going to do in the first place. Oh well that's life huh.

Hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend

Lyn xoxxo


I will be back on tomorrow (with so many photos & a VERY long write up) that I would have a constant supply of coffee/tea should you decide to pop back in!
I just want to thank everyone who left comments for me,for my last post, you have no idea how loved you all made me feel. When I was writing my last post I kept thinking that maybe no one would want to read about my *problem* I mean I do realise that we all have problems in our lives, & was really worried that you would just think I was *Nuts*! Well I truly am over whelmed!. I am happy to say that I am gradually getting back to normal, the only issue I still have is with my eldest son, & as time goes on the gap is getting bigger, the damage is getting worst. But I came to a decision tonight (which I have to say I have been putting off for quite awhile) & although I know it will only make things worse, I could not live with myself if I just kept ignoring the situation & did not speak up! So it will be a lot quieter here for Christmas with no Grand kiddies around am just keeping my fingers crossed that they will make contact again when they are old enough to do so themselves.

I also want to say how proud I am of my Hubbie, he really has been my rock, I know in the past it has been very hard for him to understand just what the hell was going on with me, but this time he was there with his shoulder constantly in my face should I need to lean on it, giving me the space I needed when I just wanted to be by myself, trying to get the kids to understand why Mum was always in tears, OMG this man really deserves a medal, & I love him like you would not believe!

Enough, this was supposed to be a HAPPY post, (says she with a grin on her face) so thank you all again from the bottom of my heart & see yah's later today.

Sweet Dreams

Lyn xoxox

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Been away in my mind........

Good Lord it has been a while (well for me at least) since I posted, truth is, I'm coming clean here!, for the past 2 months it has been VERY hard for me to hold things together mentally, I suffer from depression & have not felt this bad for years. So I am slowly crawling back to what is my kind of sanity, probably not normal sanity, but mine at least! It has been years since I have been this SAD, the bloody effort it has taken just to get out of bed in the mornings, insomnia at night, crying all day, the hell my family goes through when they see me like this even though I try my hardest to put a front on that I'm happy (which I have realised that is how I have spent my life,) OHHHH to be NORMAL! To make matters worse (god can it get worse) is that my second son, who I love like you would not believe, Ryno was born the day I left my Ex Husband & I had always thought of as MINE, until Noel my Darlin' came along & bought him up as his own & he became *ours*, anyway Ryno & Chloe his GORGEOUS girlfriend are leaving on the 12th Jan to work at the mines, that is going to kill me! Second thing is I have lost my eldest son, we have had a major fall out which will never be repaired, he has not spoken to me for nearly 4 weeks now, & to be honest I do not want to talk to him I am so ashamed & disgusted with him, & NO MOTHER should ever feel that way towards her child! So life has been shit, sad, way tooooooo much but at least I can say I do remember how to smile & mean it, I HAVE managed to clean my house (boy was it a mess!) & the most important thing I am very slowly learning that I am not perfect, I stopped making my wares to sell on ebay because of one customer not paying for three items she bought from me, the lies & excuses she gave me were I now realise just incredible, I stopped doing up the furniture that is cluttering up our garage because I just could not stop painting, I kept telling myself *one more time around & then it will be perfect* but of course it never is *perfect*, well at least not to me! SO there you have it, I have realised I have flaws, major flaws & it is time I learnt to live with it. Easy to say but I am like I said on the road to repair.

So on a brighter note our puppies are now 4 weeks old today, 2 more weeks & they are off to the pet shop, I always get way toooooo attached to them, they are just so cute & will no doubt cry my eyes out, along with the kids when they leave us!

Christmas is fast approaching, I was involved in a *Secret Santa Swap* this year, my first, took me weeks to decide what to make, (again the has to be perfect came into it) but in the end I did a craft I have not done in years & sooooo enjoyed it, have taken photos so will post them when Kylie receives her parcel. God I hope she likes them!

Ok so I have rambled on enough here & have probably put you all to sleep, but OMG do I feel better for having gotten this off my chest, I have felt like I was living a lie not being honest with my illness, disease, madness? call it what you will, so I have bared my soul to you all & hope you will still pop in & leave a comment for me, I really do love hearing from you.

Oh before I forget, thank you so much Mel for including me in your 7 questions, I will get onto doing it in the next couple of day, it really means a lot to me Sweet.

Will take me a while to catch up on what everyone has been up to, but am looking forward to reading what has been going on.

Hoping your Day/Night is being kind to you

Lyn xoxoxo