Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank you so much Marie & I bought a PINK Webcam.....

I would like to thank Marie Christine who bought the pillow I listed on ebay with all proceeds donated to the McGrath Foundation. Am so happy that my pillow is going all the way to France (the number one country in the whole wide world that I have wanted to go to since I was knee high to a grasshopper) I am so happy & proud to have been able to donate towards such a worth while cause.

Ok so the photo is suppose to be down here but well I am still learning when it comes to positioning my photos! I bought a wecam for my computer to do skype with my son & hopefully Mum & Dad (are we listening Sweets!) as I am really over the high phone bills! The first one I bought would not install on my new Computer so put it on the kids comp. I was skyping my son using my neighbours microphone. Anyway I was down town the other day & thought I would check out another webcam, & you can imagine my delight when I found a PINK WEBCAM YEE HAA! Rushed home to install it, rang my son on skype & imagine my horror (or should say imagine how @*&#@$ I was to find the PINK one does not come with a built in Microphone!!! NOOOOOO Where as last time I could here but not see, now I can see but not hear, which unless I take a crash course in lip reading or sign language is completely & utterly useless without a MICROPHONE ARGHHHHH! Well at least I have learnt a big lesson, it does not matter whether it is just THE right shade of pink, never buy in haste, check to see if it comes with everything you need! So I guess over the weekend I will be going out to buy a set of microphones, which by the way was what I was going to buy before I saw the PINK thing!!!
Below I have included the receipt for the donation I made the the McGrath Foundation.

Thanks so much for popping in & hey don't be shy, leave a comment so I know you have visited.

Enjoy the rest of your night.
Lyn xoxoxo

McGrath Foundation Ltd.PO Box 4Northbridge, NSW 2063.ABN: 23 115 566 624
Oct 30th, 2008Receipt No. 8000
On behalf of the McGrath Foundation I would like to thank you most sincerely for your generous donation and support of the Foundation.The McGrath foundation is committed to continuing Jane's legacy by promoting "breast awareness" among young women, and enabling the placement of specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses across the country, particularly in rural and regional areas, to support women diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Care Nurses are specially trained nurses who act as patient advocates, care coordinators and provide support for women with breast cance, their families and carers.Thank you very much for your valuable contribution, which will enable us to continue to work towards achieving Jane's vision.
Mrs Lynette Rigby67 Gundagai Street Coffs Harbour NSWAustralia
Donation Gratefully Accepted
$ 26.00Payment Method: Credit Card

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting the Reno on the front Veranda

I have been busy renovating my front veranda, started with painting the decking white, (am going to have to give it another coat yet) as my Darlin' thinks it needs another one, have painted the cane table white, still have to do the other one as it is cream & I don't like it. My Sweet spray painted the cane chairs white (of course) my all time favourite is the really old one we picked up for NOTHING, cannot get any cheaper than that huh! I had made up cushions that fitted the shape of the chairs but were very uncomfortable, so yesterday made new cushion covers for Euro Pillows to put on the bases - they are SO CUSHY & COMFY & used a pink & white stripe fabric of course. Also made new cushion covers for the back rests, but have found I need BIGGER ones, so that is on the list after I give the deck another coat of paint & repaint the other cane table! I also bought some annuals & potted them up to give me some more PINK flowers over Spring?Summer! I think I have mentioned in the past hour much I LOVE my front Veranda, it is my QUIET SPACE, kids are banned if they raise their voices (Mum & Dad know who I am talking about here) & now it is even better because it is MY CALM PLACE!
Ok so I need to tell you guys out there that I have been pretty down lately, has taken my all to to this, let alone clean my house which just has NOT happened! So tomorrow on MY LIST is clean the house!! well I would rather be out finishing off the sanding of my porch, repaint my porch & door frames etc etc etc.
My ebay & etsy have really suffered, I have made NOTHING!! have heaps of ideas in my head so is time I started using them. To tell you the truth I just want to get on the next plane outta here, France has always looked SO GOOD to me, Europe, where ever, think I will visit my favourite countries via the Internet, cannot get any cheaper than that.
Ok so that is it for tonight, has been really HOT here today & is still really HOT so until tomorrow when I show you the PINK thing I bought yesterday for my computer, hope you guys have a great night.


P.S. Oooops forgot to say the Lady I bought my pretty necklaces from on etsy is Am hoping this link works as I have not done thisbefore. Oh & she has FREE POSTAGE WORLD WIDE until 31st October.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow are these SWEET or what.....

I was going to write up about these cuties yesterday, I bought them on Etsy & really love them. The two pink ones I bought for myself & the one with the apple (which is from the cover of a series of books) is for my daughter Taska. She has just finished reading all the books & when I saw it just knew she would love it! I emailed my Mum earlier & included these photos & she emailed me back asking me if they were perfume? Am still laughing Mum!! I especially love the Keep Calm, Carry On, & hey did not cost any where near $295!
We have been having some real doosey storms this week, Tuesday we had hail the size of cricket balls & today it feels like we have gone back to Winter again, I'm even make wearing my winter clothes again!! My poor garden looks a real mess, but hey I suppose that is Mother Nature huh.

Ok have to go, had more to write but well another time!

So let me know what you think of my cuties & hoping all you beautiful Ladies have a GREAT night.

OK so can someone PLEASE tell me how I can put all the great music I hear on my blog & how I can put links to my Etsy on here as well.

Heaps of kisses & cuddles

Love Yah Heaps Mum & Dad

Lyn xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So you want to hurt & disgust me 2.......

Ok so I couldn't let this go without doing something, so I went onto this low life's site & read about two sentences that he wrote & then really erupted! So I have put in a complaint about this parasite (boy you would not believe the names I have floating around in my head that I WANT to write down & call him, but my Mum will probably read this so I am watching my manners Sweetie) & have to admit I feel so much better! It still saddens me that there re people like him in this world but there you go. I have copied my complaint, have a read!

I wish to make a complaint regarding one of your so called writers Mike Adams. I received a comment on my blog page from this person after I posted that I had 2 pillows for sale on ebay with all proceeds going to a breast cancer foundation. Breast Cancer Awareness is very important to me as my Mother has lost both breasts to this terrible disease. Your writer left this comment on my blog Breast Cancer is an INDUSTRY!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
How DEAR he do this, I could not care less his views on this matter & he has no right coming on to my blog page & calling it an Industry. Let him tell my Mother that & all the other survivors & their families who have been through share bloody hell & back determined to survive.This man just disgusts me, he is nothing but a low life. I think it might be a good idea in future for you to take more care in who you let write articles for you.
Thank you for your time.

If you read my previous post you will see why I am so peed off.
Anyway I am very PROUD of what all us ladies have done in our own small way in helping to find a cure. ONYA GIRLS!

Enjoy your night, I will now.

Lyn xooxoxo

P.S. I was going to write a real happy post today about some goodies I bought but will leave that for tomorrow.

So you want to hurt & disgust me?..........

I received a comment today on my posting which showed what I am selling for Breast Cancer Awareness month, & to be honest it has greatly upset me. I don't know if I have taken this the wrong way or not but either way I find this comment both unnecessary, very hurtful & demeaning not only to all the talented woman who have tried to raise money for such a worthy cause, but degrades all the women who have been affected by this terrible disease - my Mum especially who has lost both breasts to cancer.
Ok so what comment was left?
Anonymous said...
Breast Cancer is an INDUSTRY!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
So can someone tell me please just what the bloody hell this person who has not even got the guts to leave their name means by BREAST CANCER IS AN INDUSTRY!
So Anonymous if your intention was to upset me, disgust me & make me very very ANGRY well IT WORKED.
I have one thing to say to you GET A LIFE! The other things I want to say are unprintable!

I hope none of the other ladies out there received a comment from this @*&#hole.

Hope your day is being kind to you

Lyn xoxxo

Monday, October 20, 2008

Second pretty listed........

Ok so just to let you know both pillows are now listed in my ebay store. Really hope you can find a place in your home for this cutie. I can only post this pillow in Australia due to it having Lavender inside!
Thanks Shannon for hosting this very special day!
Happy bidding everyone.
Lyn xoxoxox

*Pretty Pink Pillows For *Breast Cancer Awareness Month*........

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this but I go through Activa to list on ebay & have had nothing but dramas with the site today. I am still waiting to get back onto their site so I can list the sweet heart pillow, have been trying for 2 hours with no luck. So anyway this is my offerings for *Breast Cancer Awareness*. I have free postage on both items, the heart pillow cannot be posted out of Australia as it has lavender in it but the patch pillow is not a problem. Overseas buyers will benefit from our low Aussie dollar at the moment so take advantage of the exchange rate & FREE POSTAGE!
So this is my wee contribution in helping to stop this terrible disease that has affected so many families, mine included.
Will be on later to let you know how I go with posting my other pretty pillow.
Happy bidding everyone & have a great night.

Hugs & kisses


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home alone with U2 *My Boys* & how great is Skype......

Its a Saturday night & here I am *Home Alone* YES YES YES , just me & my *BOYS* U2 pumping on the surround sound & having the time of my life! Ok went to Aldi today & bought so many yummy European food, am really getting into *Pfeffernusse* right now, are just so yummy & do not think there will be any left for Hubby when he arrives home tomorrow!. So let me tell you about my love affair with my boys *U2*. I have to say I am a die hard fan, have every album they have produced, excuse me a minute........ sorry just had to go & have yet another dance, & have LOVED them ever since I heard their first album *Boy*. I am not a religious person, I do believe we are all here for a reason, for me that is to be the best person I can be, yet I love & listen to a very religious band, love their words & their dedication to their belief. I have read every book that has been written about them (I told you I am a die hard fan) & let me tell you their words have bought many a smile to my face & reduced me to tears, so powerful & meaningful are their songs to me. I have been to see them in concert twice & they are just so thankful to their fans for what they have, sound so much better live, are just amazing to me. Good grief I have just realised this has taken me 2 hours to write, (have done a lot of dancing) Another great thing about today is I connected to Skype & saw my new Granddaughter through my Webcam. What a great invention now I just need to get one for my Mum & Dad so I can see them every time I talk to them. Ok so it is late & I have things to do before I go to bed, enjoy what is left of your night,.

Sleep tight & don't let the bedbugs bite!

Lyn xoxoxo

P.S. Oh if any of my neighbours should read this I am really sorry about the singing, I know I cannot sing to save myself but really cannot help *belting* the words out

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the back yard which badly needs weeding.....

These photos are of part of my back yard, the plants in the fifth photo & the one above are really amazing, their flowers only last for a day. The flowers are just so pretty that it is a shame they don't live any longer. but I guess Mother Nature had her reasons huh!. I had planned on getting out in the garden the other day, I really need to get my vegie garden going for summer, anyway started the weeding & when I went to put them in the wheelie bin it was full to over flowing. While we were away a very good friend had been looking after the house & dogs for us & had decided to take out what remained of a tree that use to be down the driveway. I will take a photo tomorrow of the stump that was under the ground, boy I could not get over how big this thing was. Anyway there were a couple of plants next to this that came out as well, hence the reason my wheelie bin was full. So tomorrow if the weather is kind to me I will get out & do some weeding & get the vegie patch ready for planting.

Hope you all have a great night.

Lyn xoxoxo

P.S. Well it seems I have been out voted when it comes to flanno shirts, I am just thankful I do not have to see them again until next winter. & no Mum he does not want anymore for Christmas, thanks all the same!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Pink Pink Day & by the way could the person who invented flannelet shirts please stand up.....

Beautiful ribbon, rick rack & frill all in yummy pink, bought while I was away!
Gorgeous pressie from Taska for Mothers Day. Love the Crystal knob on top! My favourite cup & saucer.
Love this Lady, just so very Shabby Chic!
My Mum & Dad gave me this pretty shoe a few years ago.

My first ever Magnolia flower, have had the tree for years but took until this year to bloom.
Pink & White Hippyastranes in my front garden.
I love this David Austin rose *Mary Rose* one of many in my front garden.
Not a good photo but a sweet napkin holder I bought while away.
Wow, first time I had seen pale pink cutlery. Hubby thought I was mad cause I went nuts over it. Oh well!

Have decided today is my Pink Day, had so many more things to show but this lot has probably bored you guys enough.

Ok so here is the deal, a few years ago my Mum & Dad bought Hubbie some flannelet shirts for work (he is a brickie or as he calls himself *Artist in burnt clay*). You would have thought he had secretly put these at the top of his wish list, as Hubby thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. I honestly did not take much notice of these tartan looking things until the following winter when they were worn every day, day in day out. Now is where I come into the picture, the little woman in doors, yeah right! who has to wash & shock horror IRON these now most hideous, despised things in my life! Fast forward a couple of years & the bane of my life were starting to well fall apart (yippee says her indoors) time to put the *poor* things out of their misery! Hubby of course was quite devastated & I'm sure even started plotting with my folks to somehow smuggle some more into *My Pink & Cream Cottage*, over my dead body, those things had been BANNED from ever crossing the threshold again. So a few years went past with the odd joke from Mum & Dad about purchasing some more of the loathsome items! I am actually cringing as I type this!, & when they saw the horrified look on my face, not to mention the twitch on my face, both would just crackup laughing. Last winter I noticed a red & black shirt hanging in Hubbies wardrobe that I had not seen before. Well you can imagine the scene that followed - where DID this @#%$%## come from, it is NOT staying, blah blah, blah. Ok so I have to admit Hubby won out on this one, but we did compromise, I just choose to ignore the beasty completely, I do NOT iron this one. Now the reason I want this person to stand up & admit inventing the most hideous thing in history is what did I find in my DAUGHTERS room during winter, pretty pink items perhaps? dream on, not 1 but 2 of the banned items. Now come on, I ask you is someone trying to torture me out there, because as I swore a oath never to iron another one of these, Taska now walks around in her wrinkled shirt & not a wrinkle ever gets out of my front door, no way hozay!

Well there you have it, all I can say is thank goodness Spring is here yes, no flanno's for awhile.

Hope your day is kind to you

Lyn xoxoxo

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Photos of our Sweetie.........

Well I promised you photos of our Granddaughter & here they are. The first one was taken when she was a day old & the other two when taken when she arrived home. So how cute is she? I had to include photos of Maitland Hospital, this was the original part that was built in 1836. The hospital has been added onto over the years & at one stage they wanted to pull down this beautiful piece of history, but luckily it was Heritage Listed. Inside has beautiful pressed tin ceilings, a gorgeous staircase, I could just go on & on about this old building. Anyway time to go, my gardens are calling me so I will be back later.
Have a great day

Lyn xoxoxox

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On October 7th a little Angel was born........

On Tuesday 7th of October at 12.34pm Kayleigh Mercedes arrived into our lives. She weighed 8lbs, was 50cm in length & has an amazing amount of blonde hair. My first sight of her took me back to when Mick, her Father was born, talk about mini me! So I now have my little Grand daughter to make all the pink dresses & frilly undies for. Her brother Jack has discovered the green eyed Monster from within & does not really want to have anything to do with her. I have taken some photos of her but will have to wait until I go home to post them on here for you guys.
Ok so this is a short & sweet one today.
Hope you all have a great day.

Lyn xoxoxoxo

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jack, Rain & a great Grand Final.........

This is my cutie Grandson Jack, who will by tomorrow have a baby sister. He has decided that on this visit he is going to completely ignore me, turns his head away whenever I speak to him, & cuddles are certainly out of the question! Never mind I am sure he will come around by the time we leave on Saturday. We are all getting pretty excited here although I think poor Lisa just wants it all over & done with.
Cannot believe the change in the weather, when we left Coffs it was stinking hot & arrived to rain & a lot cooler temps. Yesterday we went to the Maitland Markets which are on the first Sunday of the month. We were there for hours & still saw only about 1/2 of it. Hubby & Jack had had enough which is pretty typical of Males! Had a really good day there & even better night when Manly won the Grand Final, great to see.
Well that's my lot for today, hope you all have a great day.
Lyn xoxoxoxo

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is this a rip off or what????.......

Ok so I know I will probably get quite a bit of back lash for saying this BUT after reading the Shabby Chic Blog & seeing these so sweet signs I decided well I just had to have one. Ok so click on the link, go straight to postage cost & nearly burst in to tears when I find it is $50US to post to AUS! Ok so think to myself being a bit ripped off on postage here but what the hell. Go back into item & nearly fall off my chair to find a sign telling me to *Keep Calm And Carry On* costs $295.00US. SOOOOOOOOO I was no longer calm & simply could not carry on, I mean GET REAL, I will make my own little sign telling myself to keep calm & to carry on!. Sorry Rachel, (NO I AM NOT) but I do not appreciate being ripped off, I still have all your books, which I read all the time, I have your curtains, etc etc, etc, but I will not buy from your on line store! I do not like to think I have been ripped off!. Oh by the way, if anyone can tell me where to buy RA fabric at wholesale price, please let me know!
Have a great night, & hope you have not been ripped off tonight.
Lyn xoxoxoxox

Lets raise our glasses to the happy couple..........

Wow, today is a very SPECIAL day, my beautiful Mum & Dad have been married for 55 glorious years. I love this photo of them & have it hanging on my hallway wall (among all the dead people) as my 7 year old darlin' son keeps telling me, well yes they do hang out with all my deceased relo's, sorry guys will have to move you both to the wall of the living! I have always loved my Mums wedding dress & can remember when I was little fitting into it, can you believe my Mum had a 18" waist when she was married.
So my Sweeties so sorry I cannot be with you both today, but I am thinking of you both, missing you both & loving you heaps & heaps. So I raise my glass to the happy couple, & may the next 55 years be as great!
Have a great day guys
Lyn xoxoxoxo

Bonnie & Denzel, my two gorgeous Poms......

Boy is it warm here today,not that I am complaining, I mean what is the point it does not change the temperature, but at least seen I am home alone, I get to wear my PJ's all day yesssss! I am not venturing out today, I really hope no one comes aknocking on my door, my neighbour is coming over later for me to put a colour in her hair, & we will maybe have a few drinky poo's together, but that will not matter as she will probably be wearing her PJ's as well. Ah, you cannot beat neighbours who wear their PJ's during the day.

Ok enough of that, I want you guys to meet my Darlin' Bonnie & Denzel (as in Mr Washington) who I just love to death. We have another little dog, not a Pom, who decided today that she was not in the mood to have her photo taken so you will have to meet Lily another day! Denzel was a tiny ball of fluff when I first saw him & just knew he was suppose to come home with me. He is a large Pom which I am told is very rare these days. We were very lucky to be given Bonnie who is by the way preggars at the moment. Last year we nearly lost my boy to a tick, he was very very ill, in at the vets for 5 days & in the end they shaved him completely in case there was another tick they had missed as he was not recovering. I was not allowed to see him until the 4th day & got one hell've shock to find him so thin & without any of his hair. I call Denz my pogo stick as he jumps all the time, which is not good for his hips but the little *@#* wont stop. Bonnie is a true little lady, when she first arrived she would look down on Denz & Lily as they raced around the back yard playing with each other, the look on her face was priceless, as if the other two were just so beneath her! Now she chases Denz everywhere, as Lilly is just too fat to do it anymore. The other photo is of the last puppies they had, our little ewoks! gorgeous wee things, & I always get far too attached to them &then find it very hard to let them go.
Ok so that's my darlin's for you all to see. The photos have gone to the wrong place again, will have to learn up on putting them in. Have a great day & may it be kind to you.
Lyn xoxoxoxo
P.S Ali very kindly made me up a signature but when I put it in yesterday it ended up the top with all the photos. When I dragged it down to the bottom it went out of shape & still ended in the wrong place so will have to work on that as well!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I started my spring cleaning the other day but did not get very far due to having no strength left after one day at it. I did however want to share with you guys out there my lights that I bought on ebay a few years ago. They were a real steal at $21 for the 2, & that even included postage. The glass shades cost more than that each. They were a yucky silver colour so Hubby & I got stuck in & gave them a make over. I have been on the look out ever since to replace the other light fitting, I have a thing about things having to match. The colour of the ceiling roses is not as bright as they have come out, & the shades are more a pale pink. I need to get two more ceiling roses for the hallway, but will wait as they take so long to paint, I gave each 3 coats!

I am on count down now, waiting for Saturday to come so we can leave on our trip, & then Tuesday to arrive & our wee darlin' coming into the world! I will be taking a lot of photos!

Well had better go it is getting near time to decide what is for Tea AGAIN! If there is one thing I do not enjoy it is cooking.

Ok so have a great arvo/night I will be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It only takes one person to spoil it........

You know I really love selling on ebay & have had the pleasure of *meeting* some really lovely people, but for the past month I have had nothing but lies & broken promises from a certain buyer! This person bought & paid for 2 items & then bidded & won 3 more items & I am still waiting for payment after a month. I finally put in a dispute with ebay & she sent me a email telling me she had paid last Friday through Paypal but payment still has not come through. The sad thing is I really trusted this Lady & now she has taken that trust away & made me very weary about selling on ebay! I think the worst thing is that I cannot leave negative feedback for her but she can leave it for me, I really think that SUCKS!.

On a brighter note I want to thank Miss Ali for my new *Me page* & template to match my pretty blog page, this Lady is simply the BEST, I love yah Darlin' for what you have done for me & really envy you your trip *Home* enjoy our birth place. Ok so I have had my whinge for the day, just SO disappointed, but hey that's life I suppose!

Anyway have a great night, I will be back tomorrow.

May life be good to you,

Lyn xoxxoxo

For my gorgeous Mum........

October is a very important month to me as it is Breast Cancer awareness month & I always dedicate this to my very special & couragous Mum who has survived breast cancer not once but twice. Both times she had her breast removed & both times her strength just blew me away. So my Darlin' this month is for you, your courage, your determination & mostly for your love.......

On Saturday we are jumping in the car & heading south in preparation of the birth of our Granddaughter on Tuesday, oooooooh I just cannot wait, a little lady to make all pinky things for. Although we have been told it is a girl, I have put off making anything just in case it is another boy, I cannot see my son dressing his son in pink!

Ok so that is about it for now, I really have to go & clean my home, it looks like a bomb has hit it has I have not had the strength to do anything lately.

Have a great great day
Lyn xoxoxoxo