Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting the Reno on the front Veranda

I have been busy renovating my front veranda, started with painting the decking white, (am going to have to give it another coat yet) as my Darlin' thinks it needs another one, have painted the cane table white, still have to do the other one as it is cream & I don't like it. My Sweet spray painted the cane chairs white (of course) my all time favourite is the really old one we picked up for NOTHING, cannot get any cheaper than that huh! I had made up cushions that fitted the shape of the chairs but were very uncomfortable, so yesterday made new cushion covers for Euro Pillows to put on the bases - they are SO CUSHY & COMFY & used a pink & white stripe fabric of course. Also made new cushion covers for the back rests, but have found I need BIGGER ones, so that is on the list after I give the deck another coat of paint & repaint the other cane table! I also bought some annuals & potted them up to give me some more PINK flowers over Spring?Summer! I think I have mentioned in the past hour much I LOVE my front Veranda, it is my QUIET SPACE, kids are banned if they raise their voices (Mum & Dad know who I am talking about here) & now it is even better because it is MY CALM PLACE!
Ok so I need to tell you guys out there that I have been pretty down lately, has taken my all to to this, let alone clean my house which just has NOT happened! So tomorrow on MY LIST is clean the house!! well I would rather be out finishing off the sanding of my porch, repaint my porch & door frames etc etc etc.
My ebay & etsy have really suffered, I have made NOTHING!! have heaps of ideas in my head so is time I started using them. To tell you the truth I just want to get on the next plane outta here, France has always looked SO GOOD to me, Europe, where ever, think I will visit my favourite countries via the Internet, cannot get any cheaper than that.
Ok so that is it for tonight, has been really HOT here today & is still really HOT so until tomorrow when I show you the PINK thing I bought yesterday for my computer, hope you guys have a great night.


P.S. Oooops forgot to say the Lady I bought my pretty necklaces from on etsy is HomeStudio.etsy.com Am hoping this link works as I have not done thisbefore. Oh & she has FREE POSTAGE WORLD WIDE until 31st October.


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
I love your veranda!
It has a lovely Romantic look and feel to it... whic I absolutly LOVE!
Debbie Moss


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

too could enjoy to sit there,Gee if I had an area where I banned the kids for being too loud I may never see them...
My kids are sooo noisy!
Hmmm,Mabey I am onto something!! lol!
No It does look very inviting,
Hey You partof the secret santa too...Yay!

our shabby cottage said...

your veranda looks so inviting Lyn!!! Well done! Kathryn. XX

Anonymous said...

Lyn You have been busy. Cant wait to see this for ourselves Hopefully next year
Love you heaps

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

You both know I love you's back, MISS you's like hell, WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Lyn xoxoxo

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Lyn, your deck looks lovely painted white - you will have to let me know how you go with it and if it is hard to upkeep. I keep thinking that we should paint ours white too but with one grotty dog and gardener husband i am not sure i could cope with mopping it all the time. What a lovely spot to sit and read or have a drink, Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

WOW what a truely heavenly verandah!! LOVE IT!!!