Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great to feel alive again......

I spent all of last week either in bed or going from my bed to the couch & back again after catching some dreaded bug that has been going around. Both hubby & Taska also managed to come down with it (isn't it funny how Mothers cannot be sick on their own!!) so it became known as *The House of the Dead* around here. Am feeling a lot better now though very drained & have decided that as it is the start to the school holidays it is time to Spring clean.

The quilt & pictures I made years ago, the quilt for my daughters bed which was the 2nd quilt I ever made & which I do still use as a throw, & the pictures hang in my sewing/computer room/cupboard!! & as I will be de-cluttering I think it is time they went.

So I will have to pull finger as I have a week to get the whole house done as next week end we are down to our oldest sons to await the birth of our little granddaughter & yes I know you are all saying *Oh but you are just toooooooo young to have grandchildren* yep you'd be right, FAR TOO YOUNG, but that's how the cookie crumbles huh.

Tonight is a HUGE night for us Kiwi's, our beloved Warriors play Manly to see who goes into the Grand Finale next weekend. I am not saying a word here, except Go Boys, & please please win!

Ok so think it is time I went & started some cleaning, after all it will not do itself. Hey Rachael if you read this GO THE WARRIORS!

Have a great day

Lyn xoxoxoxo

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I have a little green tree frog on my front veranda....

Hey I am back, was about to water my poor pansies tonight after 3 days of heat & what did I find but a BABY green tree frog, so I think Horace may be a girl who is now called Pansy! If you look very closely in the hanging pot where the water goes you can just see her/him? The other photo is of Dad I think! So hows that I have a little family thing going on here. Have to go, another big storm coming in!

I really love my front veranda, it is the place where I sit when its raining, have my endless cups of coffee, read & watch the world go by! I am so grateful that I have this very special place! Lately I have been having visits from the cutest little green tree frog I have ever seen. The first time I saw him he was in my watering can, I was watering my plants at the time & he gave me quite a fright. The next time he was sitting on the bottom shelf of my cane table, just looking up at me. He has visited several times since then & suddenly he just disappeared! Last night when I sat out there to catch the breeze, it had been a hot day, I looked down & there he was on the floor! I don't know why but this little guy really calms me, so I have named him Horacio, Horace for short.... Anyway here is a cute photo of him!

Ok so where would we be without our daughters? Over the last 3 days I have lost 2 nose studs, the second being my last. I have a thing about my nose studs, the last 2 were pure gold & cost me an arm & a leg so to say I was not happy to loose them is putting it very mildly. My darlin' Taska also has her nose pierced but she had slept over at a friends place last night, there for it was panic stations until she arrived home, luckily for me quite early this morning, & lucky again that she had 1 spare one! Now I keep touching it to make sure it is still in there!

My darlin' hubby has got over his hangover & is spending the day at our #2 sons house helping him put up the roof over his new entertainment area. So there goes what was on the to do list for another day, never mind it will still be there tomorrow or the next day or the next.

Well thats about me for now, will add a couple of photos of my front veranda for you's though they are not the best!

Ok so how come they are all the way up there when I wanted them down here??? (photos I mean)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Lyn xoxox

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Aussie Girls are having a Huge Giveaway!

Shannon at "Paint Mine Pink" is having a huge giveaway. She along with a whole bunch of very talented ladies have all got together to give away their creations. So if you want to be in to win just pop over a make a comment. Pretty simple huh!

Ok can someone tell me what happened to Spring....

Phew is it hot here today, it seems like in the space of two weeks we have gone from Winter to Summer, just left wondering what in the heck happened to Spring???? my all time favourite time of the year! I had planned on getting out in the back yard & catching up on some long over due gardening, but with the temperature going up to over 30 (it is only September for goodness sake) & now deciding to have a try at raining, well that idea went completely out the window, I suppose there is always tomorrow!
Its very quiet here at the moment, Dils is down the road playing with his mates, Taska has gone to the Plaza & my Darlin' is trying very hard to get over a rather nasty hangover!!! Really enjoyed our night out and as you no doubt have guessed so did hubby. Was a late one as I knew it would be 1am we came in the door with a friend who was staying the night. Anyway the two of them took off to the *shed* where they stayed until 4am so I found out this morning. Needless to say all the things on his to do list will not be getting done today.
My team *The Warriors* won their game last night, yaaaa, must admit I did not think they would get into the top 8 this year, boy have they proved ME wrong. Being a Kiwi I would love to see them go through to the Grand Final & win, keeping my fingers crossed.
Sounds like we are in for one hell've a storm here, the rumbling that is going on is amazing hopefully will cool things down a bit & make the pulling of weeds out tomorrow a bit easier. well I had better go & get something done, it really has been a lazy Saturday.

Everyone have a great weekend.
Hope your day is being kind to you.


Friday, September 19, 2008

*Seal of Appoval*!

Well my darlin' has just arrived home & I just had to rush out to meet him so I could drag him in & have a look at my pretty blog page. He thinks it is just great, in his words, I keep telling him it is just sooo pretty that this beaming smile I have on my face has been here all day & its all thanks to Miss Ali. We are going out for dinner tonight at a friends home, really looking forward to it as we have not seen him since the start of the year, but it will mean tearing myself away from this page. Oh by the way I keep refreshing to see how many comments I have, could do with a few more you know.....

I just have to put some more photos on from my shop, love playing around with all the little buttons on here!

Ok so had better go & get ready, it has been a glorious day, spring is here & life is just great.

Till next time (which could well be when I get home) I heard those groans out there!

Have a great night

Lyn xoxoxox
P.S. Now I have to work out how to get the photos underneath the writing.
See ya!

Wow, how beautiful is this, I am over the Moon!!

Hey guys its me again, & although you probably did not see my old blog page I just have to show off my new one. Isn't it just sooooo beautiful, you should all see the big smile on my face, what a great day this has started out to be. I even managed to get my cute pink clock back last night before I went to bed, it looks even prettier now. So all the credit just has to go to *Miss Ali*, sorry but I have not worked out yet how to add the links in, but she is in my favourite blogs on the side, for those of you who have not seen her beautiful creations, hop on over, believe me it will take your breath away. Ok I have to make this one short as I am sopose to be doing my housework but to be honest I just cannot take my eyes off my pretty page, & then will have to get some more sewing in. I am going to be abit cheeky here & include a couple of photos from my ebay store. So let me know what you think of my page & have a great great day.

Lyn xoxoxo

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So is anybody out there???? This is actually my third post for today, but somehow I managed to delete my other two, Ok so you can tell that I am very new to this, as I not only lost my posting but my cute pink clock, photos & last but not least my *slide* that took me hours to set up. Ok so I will leave this until tomorrow, it is too late tonight, I just want to know IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!!