Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, how beautiful is this, I am over the Moon!!

Hey guys its me again, & although you probably did not see my old blog page I just have to show off my new one. Isn't it just sooooo beautiful, you should all see the big smile on my face, what a great day this has started out to be. I even managed to get my cute pink clock back last night before I went to bed, it looks even prettier now. So all the credit just has to go to *Miss Ali*, sorry but I have not worked out yet how to add the links in, but she is in my favourite blogs on the side, for those of you who have not seen her beautiful creations, hop on over, believe me it will take your breath away. Ok I have to make this one short as I am sopose to be doing my housework but to be honest I just cannot take my eyes off my pretty page, & then will have to get some more sewing in. I am going to be abit cheeky here & include a couple of photos from my ebay store. So let me know what you think of my page & have a great great day.

Lyn xoxoxo


Sandy said...
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Ali said...

oh hon, it really does look just so beautiful lol. Not biased or anything. Ok, to link to someone, you just drag your mouse over the words you want to link to highlight them, and then click on the little image of the world with a chain link on it, and then fill in the web address of the place you want to link the words to. That simple. Your cushion is really adoreable too by the way. All the best with your new blog hon and happy bloggin. ox Ali

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! WOW what a stunning blog you have!! Thanks so much for posting a comment on mine now I can bookmark you and pop back more often!!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hello There!
So glad you found my blog. I can't wait to see all you have to offer to blog land. I already see you make some beautiful things.
You are going to love it here. Some of my favorite blog sisters are from gals rock!!

If you need any help let me know.
To add a link...first scroll over the word or image then you look for the link image, it looks like one link in a chain(it is up top by the photo, spell check, etc) will have you type the web address.....leave the http and add then save it. always check it though cause sometimes we leave out a letter or something and it will not link correctly.

You basically do the same thing for adding favorites....there is a certain widget for that though.

Hope you meet a lot of great friends careful~it's addicting:)


Hi sweets,
well i dont have to give you a tutorial as i see Miss Ali and my gorgeous Miss Sheri have done that! LOL.

SO glad you are in blogland !
Dont be a stranger!

Shann x