Friday, September 19, 2008

*Seal of Appoval*!

Well my darlin' has just arrived home & I just had to rush out to meet him so I could drag him in & have a look at my pretty blog page. He thinks it is just great, in his words, I keep telling him it is just sooo pretty that this beaming smile I have on my face has been here all day & its all thanks to Miss Ali. We are going out for dinner tonight at a friends home, really looking forward to it as we have not seen him since the start of the year, but it will mean tearing myself away from this page. Oh by the way I keep refreshing to see how many comments I have, could do with a few more you know.....

I just have to put some more photos on from my shop, love playing around with all the little buttons on here!

Ok so had better go & get ready, it has been a glorious day, spring is here & life is just great.

Till next time (which could well be when I get home) I heard those groans out there!

Have a great night

Lyn xoxoxox
P.S. Now I have to work out how to get the photos underneath the writing.
See ya!


andrea said...

thanks for finding my site..and so glad you found ali...HOW GOOD & GORGEOUS IS SHE?? i wish i was half as clever as her..your site looks gorgeous..honestly I still dont know how to list favs along the side..and if you read my current blog..something else has happened re typing in colours..I just DONT get your site.. clever girl..more than me..and yes menapause is MY excuse for everything..!! xxxx andrea

Siobhan said...

hi Lyn,

Thanks so much for dropping in to visit me.

Your blog looks fantastic and your creations are beautiful!

I look forward to dropping in again soon.

Regards, Siobhan :)