Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great to feel alive again......

I spent all of last week either in bed or going from my bed to the couch & back again after catching some dreaded bug that has been going around. Both hubby & Taska also managed to come down with it (isn't it funny how Mothers cannot be sick on their own!!) so it became known as *The House of the Dead* around here. Am feeling a lot better now though very drained & have decided that as it is the start to the school holidays it is time to Spring clean.

The quilt & pictures I made years ago, the quilt for my daughters bed which was the 2nd quilt I ever made & which I do still use as a throw, & the pictures hang in my sewing/computer room/cupboard!! & as I will be de-cluttering I think it is time they went.

So I will have to pull finger as I have a week to get the whole house done as next week end we are down to our oldest sons to await the birth of our little granddaughter & yes I know you are all saying *Oh but you are just toooooooo young to have grandchildren* yep you'd be right, FAR TOO YOUNG, but that's how the cookie crumbles huh.

Tonight is a HUGE night for us Kiwi's, our beloved Warriors play Manly to see who goes into the Grand Finale next weekend. I am not saying a word here, except Go Boys, & please please win!

Ok so think it is time I went & started some cleaning, after all it will not do itself. Hey Rachael if you read this GO THE WARRIORS!

Have a great day

Lyn xoxoxoxo

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andrea said...

Must be exciting waiting for a little grand child...although I hope i have to wait a little LONGER!!
a good spring clean is JUST the best..just had my carpet upstairs and my couches steam cleaned..UHHH!!
Plus SOOTY is getting his spring cleaning on wednesday..going to have his locks he comes home looking like a skinny skinny toy poodle..(a different dog!)..
ps..i think the warriors beat manly?? or was it the other way around??
good luck re the new arrival..xx andrea