Friday, March 6, 2009

Yah know that sickly feeling in your tummy you get when........

Saturday was very hard for me, you know when you get that real sickly feeling in your belly, cannot eat & just feel sick, well that was me on Saturday. I felt like I did not want 4.30 to arrive, dreaded it in fact & although I told myself I would not cry well sorry but the tears flowed like buckets! We received a call from Ryno just as we were getting in the car to go to the Airport asking if his Surf Board was here & if so could we bring it down! I stupidly said *yes* its here & even more stupidly took it to the Airport only to realise once it was safely on its way to the plane that there are *White Pointer Sharks* over in WA, OMG my little boy surfing amongst them, a mothers true horror especially after the amount of shark attacks that have been happening in Oz lately!

Sadly we only had about 5 minutes with Ryno & Chloe at the Airport, they sat in that bloody plane for soooooo long & I kept thinking to myself *that could have been another kiss & cuddle* but really it would have just been more torture I suppose, the parting just had to happen. Ok so I'm going to admit here that I was a bit obsessive & got on the net & actually watched their plane travel across Oz (they were a dot) watched it land & then went into Goggle Earth & had a look at where they are living, over protective Mum, no, just needed to feel the closeness I have always had with this special man, way too hard to let him go! I have spoken to him a few times on the phone (very hard to hang up) but he really seems to be enjoying Perth, the beach is just down the end of his street, has been partying & I think they are both just enjoying having time off until they get back into the reality of life, you know the real boring stuff, working for a living etc!
So as this week went on I thought I was doing pretty well, not crying ALL the time just on the odd occasion when I would walk past his photo in the hallway & happen to glance at it, until yesterday arvo when I heard a motorbike pull up the front, the dogs did their normal *this is MY place* bark, told them it was only Ryno, waited for the *shut up its only me* which didn't come, & off I went again something I just have to get use to huh! I rang Chris (Chloe's Mum) last night & it went to messages & here was Chloe on the other end, thought to myself *I bet Chris rings her own number heaps just to hear that* her youngest & only daughter left on Saturday, needless to say Chris was also a tad on the messy side!

This time in 2 weeks I will be on a train for the start of my holiday, so am now on countdown!

Hey guys hope you all have a great weekend...........