Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok can someone tell me what happened to Spring....

Phew is it hot here today, it seems like in the space of two weeks we have gone from Winter to Summer, just left wondering what in the heck happened to Spring???? my all time favourite time of the year! I had planned on getting out in the back yard & catching up on some long over due gardening, but with the temperature going up to over 30 (it is only September for goodness sake) & now deciding to have a try at raining, well that idea went completely out the window, I suppose there is always tomorrow!
Its very quiet here at the moment, Dils is down the road playing with his mates, Taska has gone to the Plaza & my Darlin' is trying very hard to get over a rather nasty hangover!!! Really enjoyed our night out and as you no doubt have guessed so did hubby. Was a late one as I knew it would be 1am we came in the door with a friend who was staying the night. Anyway the two of them took off to the *shed* where they stayed until 4am so I found out this morning. Needless to say all the things on his to do list will not be getting done today.
My team *The Warriors* won their game last night, yaaaa, must admit I did not think they would get into the top 8 this year, boy have they proved ME wrong. Being a Kiwi I would love to see them go through to the Grand Final & win, keeping my fingers crossed.
Sounds like we are in for one hell've a storm here, the rumbling that is going on is amazing hopefully will cool things down a bit & make the pulling of weeds out tomorrow a bit easier. well I had better go & get something done, it really has been a lazy Saturday.

Everyone have a great weekend.
Hope your day is being kind to you.



The Rose Room said...

Go Warriors!!!

Hi Lyn, nice to meet you! Where are you from in NZ?

Your blog is pretty, your creations gorgeous!

Have fun, Rachaelxo


I think it might rain here too...probably in the morning when im out walking...that'd be typical...LOL
Its been so hot here today as well, i watered and fed my new plants very early this morning so they didnt go kaput.
I cant believe its hot one day, then cold the next! I dont know what clothes to put on! haha.

Heres hoping tomorrow is 'just right' hey :)