Friday, October 3, 2008

Bonnie & Denzel, my two gorgeous Poms......

Boy is it warm here today,not that I am complaining, I mean what is the point it does not change the temperature, but at least seen I am home alone, I get to wear my PJ's all day yesssss! I am not venturing out today, I really hope no one comes aknocking on my door, my neighbour is coming over later for me to put a colour in her hair, & we will maybe have a few drinky poo's together, but that will not matter as she will probably be wearing her PJ's as well. Ah, you cannot beat neighbours who wear their PJ's during the day.

Ok enough of that, I want you guys to meet my Darlin' Bonnie & Denzel (as in Mr Washington) who I just love to death. We have another little dog, not a Pom, who decided today that she was not in the mood to have her photo taken so you will have to meet Lily another day! Denzel was a tiny ball of fluff when I first saw him & just knew he was suppose to come home with me. He is a large Pom which I am told is very rare these days. We were very lucky to be given Bonnie who is by the way preggars at the moment. Last year we nearly lost my boy to a tick, he was very very ill, in at the vets for 5 days & in the end they shaved him completely in case there was another tick they had missed as he was not recovering. I was not allowed to see him until the 4th day & got one hell've shock to find him so thin & without any of his hair. I call Denz my pogo stick as he jumps all the time, which is not good for his hips but the little *@#* wont stop. Bonnie is a true little lady, when she first arrived she would look down on Denz & Lily as they raced around the back yard playing with each other, the look on her face was priceless, as if the other two were just so beneath her! Now she chases Denz everywhere, as Lilly is just too fat to do it anymore. The other photo is of the last puppies they had, our little ewoks! gorgeous wee things, & I always get far too attached to them &then find it very hard to let them go.
Ok so that's my darlin's for you all to see. The photos have gone to the wrong place again, will have to learn up on putting them in. Have a great day & may it be kind to you.
Lyn xoxoxoxo
P.S Ali very kindly made me up a signature but when I put it in yesterday it ended up the top with all the photos. When I dragged it down to the bottom it went out of shape & still ended in the wrong place so will have to work on that as well!


our shabby cottage said...

Your dogs are so GORGEOUS!!! Have fun in your PJ's! Kathryn. XX

Joy said...

What cute dogs, they are so fluffy!