Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It only takes one person to spoil it........

You know I really love selling on ebay & have had the pleasure of *meeting* some really lovely people, but for the past month I have had nothing but lies & broken promises from a certain buyer! This person bought & paid for 2 items & then bidded & won 3 more items & I am still waiting for payment after a month. I finally put in a dispute with ebay & she sent me a email telling me she had paid last Friday through Paypal but payment still has not come through. The sad thing is I really trusted this Lady & now she has taken that trust away & made me very weary about selling on ebay! I think the worst thing is that I cannot leave negative feedback for her but she can leave it for me, I really think that SUCKS!.

On a brighter note I want to thank Miss Ali for my new *Me page* & template to match my pretty blog page, this Lady is simply the BEST, I love yah Darlin' for what you have done for me & really envy you your trip *Home* enjoy our birth place. Ok so I have had my whinge for the day, just SO disappointed, but hey that's life I suppose!

Anyway have a great night, I will be back tomorrow.

May life be good to you,

Lyn xoxxoxo


Connie said...

I hear ya and I'm with ya on that one, sweet chickee!! Hope you get your money soon. It is a tragedy what ebay has done to the sellers!

Anonymous said...

Im so SORRY to hear that you have been treated this way!! It's really disrespectful when people do things and then try and lie about it. If the payment had been made you would have got an email from paypal immediatly! So this person has clearly not paid for the items. Good for you putting a claim in with ebay. Im very fed up with both ebay and especially paypal right nopw but that's a whole long story!! Chin up and I hope this gets fixed up for you asap!!

Siobhan said...

Hi Lyn,

I know ebay can be really upsetting at times but I think there is more *genuine* people out there than the ones that just muck you around so keep your chin up, it will all work out in the end :)


our shabby cottage said...

You know what - I have had nothing but good experiences on ebay up until a month ago. A lady bought $80 worth of fabric from me and has not paid. (lots of excuses why - disabled daughter - yeah good one!!). I haven't heard a word back from her. I filed a dispute with ebay last week so i am waiting for her to contact me. I agree with the feedback - it is so unfair.


Ahhh having one of those crisis' right now. Only my buyer is a 'friend' and she already has the item and not paid (5 weeks later). I have emailed her 7 times, sent reminders, and put off the unpaid item dispute because she is a friend. BUT when people just lie to you and use you i guess you have to report it.

Ok i could whinge forever.

Im so sorry you are having to deal with someone yukky. Its no fun and you are a gorgeous lady.


MelsRosePlace said...

That is awful - i know a lot of people have been having dramas on ebay. I am hopeless and really should SELL some stuff instead of buying! Hope it all works out - to be blunt some people SUCK! Mel xxx