Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home alone with U2 *My Boys* & how great is Skype......

Its a Saturday night & here I am *Home Alone* YES YES YES , just me & my *BOYS* U2 pumping on the surround sound & having the time of my life! Ok went to Aldi today & bought so many yummy European food, am really getting into *Pfeffernusse* right now, are just so yummy & do not think there will be any left for Hubby when he arrives home tomorrow!. So let me tell you about my love affair with my boys *U2*. I have to say I am a die hard fan, have every album they have produced, excuse me a minute........ sorry just had to go & have yet another dance, & have LOVED them ever since I heard their first album *Boy*. I am not a religious person, I do believe we are all here for a reason, for me that is to be the best person I can be, yet I love & listen to a very religious band, love their words & their dedication to their belief. I have read every book that has been written about them (I told you I am a die hard fan) & let me tell you their words have bought many a smile to my face & reduced me to tears, so powerful & meaningful are their songs to me. I have been to see them in concert twice & they are just so thankful to their fans for what they have, sound so much better live, are just amazing to me. Good grief I have just realised this has taken me 2 hours to write, (have done a lot of dancing) Another great thing about today is I connected to Skype & saw my new Granddaughter through my Webcam. What a great invention now I just need to get one for my Mum & Dad so I can see them every time I talk to them. Ok so it is late & I have things to do before I go to bed, enjoy what is left of your night,.

Sleep tight & don't let the bedbugs bite!

Lyn xoxoxo

P.S. Oh if any of my neighbours should read this I am really sorry about the singing, I know I cannot sing to save myself but really cannot help *belting* the words out


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

They say to Dance as if no one is watching...
So you go girl,Shake that booty!!
I too love u2...Was singing it's a beautiful day as I hung laundry!!!

andrea said...

i agree..shake that booty girl!! i am always home alone ..but just tend to go to sleep on the couch!! oh well my excuse is that I am OLDER than you!!
thanks for the advice re the pots..didnt think of that..shall try to list a post when i finish this project..and yes SkYPE is just the to my son all the time (in japan).. it rang today when i was in the kitchen cooking choc cake and chip cookies (FOR YOUNGER SONS GRAND PRIX NIGHT!!)..RUSHED in to answer..thinking of course it was my elder son calling..BUT was some JIBBY person from RUSSIA..!! & they kept ringing me 3 times..what the?? told hubby and he said it is just like a normal type of internet/phone they can somehow just access numbers randomly...I just hung just a little bit of advice..delete these gonzos..take never ends...xx andrea