Monday, October 20, 2008

*Pretty Pink Pillows For *Breast Cancer Awareness Month*........

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this but I go through Activa to list on ebay & have had nothing but dramas with the site today. I am still waiting to get back onto their site so I can list the sweet heart pillow, have been trying for 2 hours with no luck. So anyway this is my offerings for *Breast Cancer Awareness*. I have free postage on both items, the heart pillow cannot be posted out of Australia as it has lavender in it but the patch pillow is not a problem. Overseas buyers will benefit from our low Aussie dollar at the moment so take advantage of the exchange rate & FREE POSTAGE!
So this is my wee contribution in helping to stop this terrible disease that has affected so many families, mine included.
Will be on later to let you know how I go with posting my other pretty pillow.
Happy bidding everyone & have a great night.

Hugs & kisses



Alex said...

Wow Doing our best to fight cancer. The Live strong foundation has done the noblest thing by encouraging donations and people to come forward and openly discuss this dreaded disease. Thanks for doing your part. I added a badge on my blog for the same.


sweetie you know it means the world to me that you are taking part in this.

Bless your cotton sox and i loooove your gorgeous pink pillows!

Shann :)

Anonymous said...
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