Saturday, December 13, 2008


I will be back on tomorrow (with so many photos & a VERY long write up) that I would have a constant supply of coffee/tea should you decide to pop back in!
I just want to thank everyone who left comments for me,for my last post, you have no idea how loved you all made me feel. When I was writing my last post I kept thinking that maybe no one would want to read about my *problem* I mean I do realise that we all have problems in our lives, & was really worried that you would just think I was *Nuts*! Well I truly am over whelmed!. I am happy to say that I am gradually getting back to normal, the only issue I still have is with my eldest son, & as time goes on the gap is getting bigger, the damage is getting worst. But I came to a decision tonight (which I have to say I have been putting off for quite awhile) & although I know it will only make things worse, I could not live with myself if I just kept ignoring the situation & did not speak up! So it will be a lot quieter here for Christmas with no Grand kiddies around am just keeping my fingers crossed that they will make contact again when they are old enough to do so themselves.

I also want to say how proud I am of my Hubbie, he really has been my rock, I know in the past it has been very hard for him to understand just what the hell was going on with me, but this time he was there with his shoulder constantly in my face should I need to lean on it, giving me the space I needed when I just wanted to be by myself, trying to get the kids to understand why Mum was always in tears, OMG this man really deserves a medal, & I love him like you would not believe!

Enough, this was supposed to be a HAPPY post, (says she with a grin on her face) so thank you all again from the bottom of my heart & see yah's later today.

Sweet Dreams

Lyn xoxox


our shabby cottage said...

Oh Lyn, Good on you. I am looking forward to your next post - I'll make sure I have my cuppa on hand!!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

A problem shared is a problem halved they say!
Life is so difficult and making the HARD decisions is Hard!
But sometimes doing these things does simplify life.
All the best and look forward to reading the next installment.

Cottage Rose said...

Yeah glad to see you posting!!!
Fences eventually get mended and bridges do get built, give it time.