Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought it was time I showed you all my Chrissie tree, not the best photos but well you can get the gist of it.

This year I choose pink, cream & silver as the main colours for my tree.

The red stocking is one I bought last year from a ebay seller in America.

These gorgeous baubles I bought from Spotlight, they have cute pink Christmas Stocking all over them!

And I managed to buy the matching wrapping paper as well, not very often that happens, I can tell you!

Ok so I don't know if you can tell but the black specks in the sky are fruit bats leaving the other night. We have had a major problem in our area with these dirty, noisy, smelly pests! Have even had one spew on my shoulder as they were leaving a few years ago & I have to tell you it burnt the hell out of my shoulder. It was like acid dropping on me.

I realise a lot of people think these things are *cute*, I find nothing cute about them & cannot understand why they are protected. They kill the trees they live in, the ground reeks when ever it rains from their urine, they are just YUCK.

When we moved here in 1996 there were no bats, they arrived a couple of years later & more & more keep coming every year. This would not even be an eighth of the amount that live just down the road from us. this year our very wise council decided to cut down the beautiful big trees that they live in & built them wooden roosting nests, it still didn't stop them, there are more back yet again this year.
Ok so I have had my whinge for the day.
Tomorrow will be my last post before Christmas.
See yah then
Lyn xoxox


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Well tree looks great!
But I must say you are officially my first friend who has been spewed on by a bat!!!
Thay had to eradicate them from Melb Botanic Gardens too.
But the photo shows just heaps of them....
Are'nt they linked to rabies or something horrid too?

The Pink Poodle said...


OOHH!! I LOVE BATS!! NOT THAT I KNOW ANY!!?? (of the human kind at least...know a few other bat like creatures..who I dont like!!)... BUT I GUESS IF THEY SPEW ON YOU..THEN THERE IS A PROBLEM SOMEWHERE?? lol..

have a lovely christmas new years...(i just listed a post and went to amend it...and voila GONE!!) my new years resolution..learn how to work the bleeding computer!!

it gets me sooooooooo shall try again!!

xxxx andrea the gonzo!!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my goodness! Bats freak me out. I don't think we have fruit bats here. (?)