Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stunning works of Art.....

For a long time now I have been a lover of the stunning creations from Gail at http://gailmccormack.blogspot.com/. I especially love her roses sitting in the most gorgeous old fashion tea cups, vases, teapots & creamers they always seem to me as if they have just been picked from my garden.
When the beautiful Miss Ali from http://adregan.blogspot.com/ (who by the way made up my very very pretty Blog page using Gail's creations) decided to close her Website for a while I bought some book marks, & cards from her. So sweet is this Lady she sent me extra ones & I discovered they fitted perfectly into several small frames I had. One of the cards above is from her while the other is from Gail when I purchased the stunning painting below. The picture frames I received from my big sister Sue several years ago & although I had some old family photos in them, they never looked quite *right*! Now they look perfect I think.

Ok is here *she* is, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this painting, the soft green background blends beautifully with my green bedroom walls, the sweet floral vase is very similar to the vintage china I have collected & I just love the roses, they way the eye is drawn to the rosebuds, onto those in full bloom & lastly getting towards the final stages of their life, starting to wilt & you would not dare attempt to place them back in the vase more securely in case the petals came away in your hands. I could not believe that it fitted perfectly into one of the two yucky gold frames I bought for a song & painted white, it was meant to come & live with us in our home! Whenever I pick my roses I love watching them go through these three stages of their lives & smile each time one drops all its petals, I always leave them lying near the vase, its all part of the process! My Hubby mowed our lawns the other day & when he was sweeping down the front path I caught him just in time about to sweep the rose petals into the garden. Sure the neighbours thought to themselves *good lord here she goes again!* as I was shouting at him to leave them where they were, their lives were not quite over yet!
We have hung this beauty in pride of place above our bed, I look at it everyday & can almost smell their heady fragrance on a hot day (truth be told it is actually my roses in the front garden I can smell). I know I will be buying more of Gail's beautiful creations, this one however will always be very special to me, it is my first!
Have a great day & stop & smell the roses!
Lyn xxx


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lyn
I don't understand how I've missed so many of your posts! Doesn't matter I've had an enjoyable catch up.
Thankyou for your beautiful comments on my artwork ~ I think you've done a wonderful job with the frames, WOW how's the frame you found for the one above your bed ~ it's fantastic.

I'll be back to visit soon!

take care

abeachcottage@typepad.com said...

oh I am playing catch up here

love the painting, oh to have a talent like that...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
I too am a lover of Gails artwork, I am slowly getting a piece for each room. You have done a fab job on the frames. The one for above your bed is just devine.
Sarah xxx

Connie said...

Those are all gorgeous and I admire her work alllll the time. I wish I could paint like that but, alas, I'm a rose painter wanna-be for now, chickee!

Cottage Rose said...

They look fantastic. Love the frames as well.

shabbydreaming said...

Hi Lyn, I love Gails work too!! I have some of her artworks adorning my walls too!!Gorgeous!!
Take care
mandii (yep new blog!!)

Alison Gibbs said...

Gails work is fabulous isn't it.
Hopefully one day I will buy one of her paintings.