Saturday, February 7, 2009

The ever changing faces of Taska Rose..... For my Birthday Girl...

Today my *little* girl turns 16 & it really leaves me wondering where on earth have those last 16 years gone. Taska Rose decided to enter this wonderful world of ours while I was cooking Spag for dinner. The rush was on to get me to the hospital in time (my longest labour was exactly an hour) I know/knew that the first pain puts me straight into full on labour so its either drop everything or have my baby on the way!!!
I found out during my pregnancy that we were having our long awaited daughter. Since the age of 12 I had known her name was going to be *Taska*. The first time I learnt my Grandma's middle name was*Tasker* I knew that was the name I wanted to call my daughter when & if I ever had one! The name Taska has now gone through 3 generations. Originally it was my Great Grandmas maiden name, was then given to my Grandma to use for her middle name, & finally has been passed on to my daughter for her first name. Her middle name Rose is also my Mums middle name.

One very extraordinary thing (there are many) about Taska are her eyes. She was born with the darkest blue eyes I have ever seen, almost black. As she grew older they started to get lighter & one day we noticed her right eye was changing colour. She now has one blue eye (from her Dad) & one green eye (from me) not something you see every day.

This year Taska is in Year 11 at school, I find it hard to believe that my little girl has only 2 more years of schooling & then is off into the big wide world to chase her dreams. Her wish in life is to become a photographer, something I think she will go a long way in, she has always loved taking photo's & seems to have a natural talent. For Christmas we bought her a camera (mainly to get our camera back) & I'm amazed at the photos she takes. Taska has brought us a lot of joy & some heart ache over the years & I would not change her a bit, she truly has a beautiful soul.

So my gorgeous Sweet Sixteen enjoy your special day, & always know *you are much loved*.
Mum & Dad xxxx


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet 16...
It is amazing the two different colored eyes...
Love her as a blonde...Gorgeous girl

Anonymous said...

Awww happy birthday to your sweet girl!

The Pink Poodle said...

happy 16th birthday..very sexy..attractive lass!!

stay that way!!

xx andrea

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. I have just found your blog via Debbies english treasures blog, and I love it. I will be coming back to visit. Wow 16 years, I have 4 daughters, 13,12,5 and 18months and it truely does go quick. Hope she had a wounderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th Birthday Miss Taska Rose!!!
May your day be filled with love, laughter & lot & lots of fun.

Hope you have a great weekend Lyn & that it's not too hot up your way.
Sarah xxx

Say It With Roses said...

Happy 16th Birthday Taska!
I love your name and your pretty eyes and I hope your dreams of becoming a photographer come true! I loved reading all about you!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Lyn,
Thanks for popping by to say hi. The temperature has finally dropped here to a respectable 20 degrees but now our state is ravaged by bushfire.

Happy 16th birthday to Taska too.