Friday, February 13, 2009

Australia United, Happy Birthday to the big 8 year old........

$21 million raised in 5 hours, now that's pretty amazing to me. The last I heard the total had soared to $75 million all up, it just shows what a nation can do to help its own. Australian's should be very very proud of themselves. Thanks should also be given to the other nations who have contributed, this world is not so bad after all!
Above is the latest photo of my homeland (New Zealand) showing the smoke coming over from Victoria. Nearly all the South Island is covered in smoke except for Nelson right at the top. (Hello Mum & Dad) I read NZ has been renamed Land of the Longest White Cloud, I really had a laugh at that. Ok so for some good news at last, the police have arrested a 39 year old scum bag for lighting the fires at Churchill. I am kinda thinking here that he does not deserve to go through all the usual Legal procedure instead if I had any say in it I would let all the people who's homes & family he has taken from them have him. Going to Jail is just far too easy for him. I imagine they are going to have to have pretty tight security around him.

The 14th Feb to most people is Valentines Day, in our family it is also our Son Dylan's birthday . He is turning the ripe old age of 8!! Dylan was born 2 weeks early & his labour lasted just over 13 minutes! Just to top it all off he came into this world a breech birth (just like his Mum did 41 years earlier). He was a very sneaky little guy, not letting us know he was there until 20 weeks through the pregnancy, at times I still feel I have not gotten over the shock of it all. This is what an early Menopause can do to you, your hormones are so out of wack you do not get any symptoms at all. Don't get me wrong here I love this little guy to bits just find having an very full on soon to be 8 year old a bit much at times, I have after all recently tuned 49 BUT must say have been feeling a lot younger lately. The picture below was taken last year on his birthday, tomorrow he is having a party down at the Jetty Foreshores (I really really need this rain to go away) so will be a very full on day thinks me! Will get photos tomorrow & include them in my next post.

I also had a very lovely surprise this arvo, a friend that I have not seen in quite a few years just turned up on my doorstep! This was extra special to me as Dawn & I had a falling out a few years ago which really hurt me & you know it was like old times today sitting out the back catching up from where we left off, pure bliss.

Wishing you all a happy Valentines Day.

See you all on Sunday.

Oh & I forgot to tell you guys my daughters school had a special Icy Pole day on Wednesday & raised $4,500.00 & Dylans school had a Mufti Day today, cost a gold coin (will find out next week how much was raised) all to go to the Bush Fire Appeal.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday wishes and happy valentines to you all.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Dylan, Lynn! This child will one day rise up and call you blessed...

It is nothing short of inspiring to read of the bonding together of your homeland and the raising of so much money. Shows such character of your country...

It is how we all acted when 9/11 happened. Through so much sorrow and grief the good still survived.

Loved this post. It blessed me.

Love to you...Reb PS: Happy Valentine's Day, too!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday to your Little guy!
It sounds like you have had a busy time and that 's still in full swing!
I am exauhsted havinga 6year old....And I have not hit 4-0 yet!
I just feel had it alot of the time:)
\Joys of Mothering .

Marilyn said...

Hi Lyn, Happy Birthday to Dylan...hope you both had fun at the Jetty..I love that place... especially on market day! Isn't it great that the schools are kicking in to raise money...Liams school is doing it next week. Teaches lots of good things to the kids about community responsibility. Hope you goe some nice Valentine surprises. Hugs...Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

Australian's... YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELVES!!! To ban together in this way after such devastation. God's blessings to you and country!

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lyn
Your Dylan is a cutie!! Happy Birthday to him. I'm not sure I could keep up with an eight year old, altough you're a few years younger than me.

Wasn't it wonderful your friend turned up.

I'm also overwhelmed by the geneourisity shown, not just from us Aussies but all over the world. WOW I didn't realise the smoke had reached NZ. We're not even getting any down here in Mount Martha.

Hopefully no rain for you tomorrow, send it down here if you like

Alison Gibbs said...

Happy Birthday to Dylan
It is amazing how supportive the people of our wonderful country are.

Ali said...

Hello precious, what an adoreable son you have there. He is too cute. Happy Birthday to him. I am so thrilled at the amount that has been raised for the Bushfire victims. What a wonderful country we live in when people rally around doing what they can to help. Thank you to you all and to all those from the US and other countries that have so generously reached deep to help our hurting. Blessings to all those who give to those in need. ox Ali