Sunday, February 8, 2009

Creative Juices PLEASE come home.......

Ok so I really do not what is going on here but I like Kathryn at cannot seem to get back into my routine. I'm kinda thinking here that maybe it has something to do with the state of my teensy weensy sewing come computer room. It has always been a real squash for me in this room but seen as our home is a tad on the small size I consider myself very lucky to have this room & I have spent many an hour happily sewing away to my hearts content. It like my sons room (couple of posts ago) has turned into a tip as I have pulled out fabric after fabric & just sat & looked at it & thought to myself *I have NO idea what to do with you*, it seems the fabric no longer *specks* to me the way it use to do! If I am really honest here I cannot stand the colour of the walls, I painted this room a few years ago this yucky yellow (as I did the bathroom) to *brighten* up the room but I have never been a yellow person so am thinking it is time I just pulled everything out (although that would mean not having my computer for a few days, god forbid!) & painting it my calming cream, what to do!

Today I had planned on cleaning this room up but my heart just is not in it, I have found since my application was *rejected* for the job I have always wanted, my heart does not seem to be in anything, its as if I have lost all confidence in myself, & I keep thinking what if I make all these *things* to list on ebay & they do not sell, I bash myself around too much & think I am not *good enough*! So I guess I am thinking what does not happen will not hurt me huh!

2009 is proving to be a very difficult year for me, too much self doubt, too much putting off until tomorrow, creative juices lost (if your out there PLEASE come home) & just feeling very unsettled, I no longer know what I want anymore!

Ok so here's the deal I do know I have to do something with this room, so I think this week will be spent packing it all up & repainting, I think colours set your moods & I know this one is not doing me any favours, there yah go have finally decided on something!

Before I go I would really like to mention a post on a lovely Ladies blog Tammy at Tammy wrote a beautiful post about her Mum & I have to say it reduced me to tears. It really reinforced in me just how lucky I was growing up, pop over & have a read, leave a comment to this truly beautiful soul.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend & to the lovely Ladies down in Victoria my heart goes out to you all who's family have lost their homes.

Oh & one more thing, my daughter Taska has been reading all the comments that were left for her for her 16th birthday & wishes to thank everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday, she was truly overwhelmed.


The Pink Poodle said...

Hi lyn...OKAY..girlie...I am NOT going to listen to self doubt anymore..

YOU can sew...i CANNOT...YOU are clever..talented...

selling on ebay is really all about the description/heading/word use etc..


the death toll in vic has now gone up to 65!! & creeping up...sooo...

sooo JUST be positive & go for it...and NO MORE SELF DOUBTS.
YOU are as GOOD AS anyone else!!

do you sell on etsy (if not happy with ebay??0..

i think every time i list a blog that i shall get rid of i think what i talk about is garbage..but someone still reads persist!!


xxxx andrea

Anonymous said...

Oh Lyn, what I have seen of your creations are just brilliant. Give me a piece of material and I would just dust with Your very talented and shouldn't doubt yourself at all. Ebay and Etsy are hard places to sell(I know Ebay is) and PINK POODLE is soooo right be positive. I also think that going back to basics is good and refreshing, so have a big sortout, change colours and your be back to your old self. I hit my wall last year, just didn't believe in myself after I heard someone at a craft fair saying, "oh I could do that", well maybe they could but they don't but I mad some changes and back with new challenges this year.
you will get there.

Anonymous said...

I sooo get what you mean. I have heaps of crafting things, fabric ribbon, paint, but just don't seem to have the motovation in doing anything.
Paiting & re-organising sound like a great idea, I hope for you it gives you the motovation that you need.
Sarah xxx

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Oh, Lyn, I feel your pain. Everyone goes thru it from time to time, but that doesn't make it any easier. Your idea to muck out your room, paint and reorganize is the PERFECT antidote. You will be so inspired by a job well done and by your fresh new space and more inspirational color, I just know it.

Get thee away from the computer! Paint! Organize!

Connie said...

I understand this, cutie pie. It truly does help to clean and rearrange. I'm doing it now and it is helping to "destash" to get my creative juices flowing again. Try that and let me know, chickee,

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I woul;d give anything to have a room ...Messy or otherwise.
I have lost my Crafting mojo and alot of it is because i have to pull my gear out from various hising places and have no where to do the crafting and trying to do it whilst Bub is asleep is just hopeless.
But take heart we have much to still be greatful for.
The little things are truly the big things...
The aroma of a meal cooking,A steaming cup of coffee...
I am so all consumed about my little guys happiness at School at the moment it takes over and my Interest in anything seem all but gone.
I fel similarly bout ebay often.
Especially when it costs so much to not have things sell.
But Sister there's not Problems ,Only solutions....
We just gotta find em!!:)

Anonymous said...

Can you go up your wall with shelving? This might help the clutter part of the room. I moved my room out into my open living area for now but when we move, I've not yet thought it through. I know I will have shelving.

Or put everything in bins until you can find your way to seeing how it can be.

Or, grab a cup of tea and just sit on your front porch awhile and forget about it. Spend time saying a prayer or pen a letter to a friend. Then go back to the room.