Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Memories are made of this......

I cannot believe that I spent most of today trying to get these two photos onto my blog, had so much to do & did not manage to get most of it done today, so I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with me, this post is a lot shorter than first anticipated, tomorrow I will put the other photos on!
I love old photos, in fact I love just about anything old, there is just something so appealing about the colour or rather lack of, before colour photos were introduced. My eldest son Mick gave me a Treasury Set for photos quite a few years ago for Mothers Day & I have always kept my really old Family photos in the little album that came with it. Being small the photos fit perfectly inside but you can still see how the passages of time & many loving fingers have *worn* them in! To me nothing is better than seeing an old photo with stains, rips & age marks all over it, it gives it life, a personality I feel.

Ok so before I get too carried away I should tell you about these two I have posted. Not too sure what year the one above was taken, obviously around Christmas time, I'm guessing 1962?? (you need to help me out a bit here Mum). My older sister Sue is on the right & yep I'm the one about to throw a fit because I guess I either did not want to be there or else I was scared stiff of the man in the funny suit! Sue just looks very bored with it all.

Now I know this one was taken in September 1966 as Mum has written on the back: Lynette 6 1/2 yrs, Deane 2yrs 2months & Suzanne 9yrs! I can remember this photos being taken, it was in our back yard of the home I grew up in. Good grief will you take a look at my hair, I'm on the right, Mum what were you thinking! The beautiful Lady holding my brother Deane is my Grandma Adair. In the background are the Aviaries my Dad built when he bred bids. Now the block fence behind us holds quite a few memories for me as well, whenever I was naughty I would run outside & my poor Mum would chase me round & round that fence, was even worse when Dad put gates up as I use to close them on Mum all the time. This is what I love about old photos, I look at this one & the memories of my childhood come flooding back to, I remember the dresses my sister & I wore that day, I remember exactly how my backyard was when I was growing up, the play hut my Dad built for my sister & I down the back, the Apple & Pear trees, veggie gardens, coal box, the list goes on & it puts such a smile on my face, wonderful wonderful memories. The best one of all though is that very special Lady in this photo, Mary Adair, my Grandma, I look & I can make believe she is still here with me.


The Pink Poodle said...

hi lyn....i agree..lovely old photos are just so precious..and the memories always come flooding back..
it must be terrible when people lose all these things in bushfires etc..
ps..i was always scared sitting on santas knee..i hated his white beard and mum told me i asked him once why he didnt clean it!!!??

take care..xx andrea

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I love "photos" generally old or otherwise.
Just am Camera happy.
I think all you have of the past is them and your memories

shabbydreaming said...

Hi Lyn Love the the old photo's such wonderful memories they must hold for you!! They would look wonderful in some delightful Vintage frames!
Take care

our shabby cottage said...

You are so lucky to have a photo taken with Santa at that age. I never did (I guess becuase we didn't live anywhere near a "Santa meet and greet"!) Old photos are so precious.