Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to the *Tip*......

The photo above & below is what happens when the Summer holidays are just way tooooo long! This room (which became known as the *tip*) belongs to my 7 year son Dylan & he manged to make this mess in about 15 minutes flat while looking for ONE of his toys!
It took me a week to clean up, I now have three rubbish bags full to the brim ready to go to the Op shop & one rubbish bag in the bin! Decided to give his room a thorough clean, wash down walls, sort out outgrown clothes etc.

So this is the little *Darlin's* room now, back to normal & a lot cleaner & tidier than it was before.

Have told him if he EVER gets it into that state again I will, well I think you can imagine what I said! Sorry about the blurry photos but was in a hurry when I took these, not to mention very hot & bothered. I realised while I *lived* in this room during the major clean up that he is in the *pink* room, this was originally Taska's room but after my Sweet polished the floors in Dylan's old room we moved Taska in there as it is bigger. He has never said anything about having a *pink* room -so far.

THIS is the little *Darlin* who managed to turn his bedroom into a *tip* taken his first day back to school, going into the big part this year, Year 3.
Now I am like a Sargent Major every evening before he goes to bed, doing the rounds in his bedroom looking for anything out of place or not put away.
You know I kinda like school terms at least my house stays tidy. Until the weekend......


Anonymous said...

I have a child with an autism spectrum disorder and he was very much like your son when looking for something. I didn't have to panice though as he could not stand messes when was young. Now, at 21, a little different story. :(

our shabby cottage said...

Crikey! I have seen that mess before and it was in my boys room (they share which is even worse!). I will email you a funny photo....

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

My Son is a neat freak...Like me!
He would melt down if he messed his room like that!! lol!
My daughter though...Hmmm???
Sometimes when it comes to stuff though One is not enough and more than two is too many

Gail McCormack said...

Yes I've been there and done I know you have

Sounds like you've sorted Dylan out and got your House back in order

Good on You!

Alison Gibbs said...

Amazing how quickly they can make a mess