Monday, February 9, 2009

In my thoughts........

It is much sadness that I write this post this morning. Last night when I went to bed the death toll from the fires in Victoria had reached 84, this morning when I turned on the TV I learnt it has now risen to 108. I honestly cannot quite grasp this, what has now become Australia;s biggest disaster, & to learn that quite a few of these fires have been deliberately lit I just do not understand how any one could do this. The penalties in this country do not justify the heartache, loss of homes & loss of lives that these monsters cause, I feel should these animals be caught they should be charged with the murder of every life lost.

The work that the fire fighters, both the Fire Brigades & the many locals are doing is just out standing, I have heard reports of many who have helped to put burning homes out only to have their own homes burn to the ground. Seeing whole towns on TV that have been burnt to the ground & looking like a war zone is just devastating, I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be left with just the clothes on your back. To date 750 homes have been lost & although in some areas the temperatures have dropped down to the low 20's & rain is falling, near the NSW border the temp are still in the mid 30's & lightening strikes are now threatening even more homes. The Australian PM has told the nation this morning to *Brace yourself for more bad news* that hell & all its fury has come to Victoria. I watched this man this morning break down, talking to people who have lost everything & giving people comfort in a simple hug.

Australians are a tough breed, the homes lost will be rebuilt, towns will grow again but at the same time this tragedy will never be forgotten. I have done a lot of crying this morning as I watched the news, I truly feel for the people of Victoria my heart goes out to them & I rather naively hope the death toll does not get any higher. I am also very proud to think that my country (New Zealand) has come to the aid of Victoria in sending Fire Fighters over to assist in getting the fires under control.

While the bottom of Australia burns the top end is in flood, two lives lost & a little five year old believed to have been taken by a crocodile. A lot of the affected areas have experienced this disaster before & to go through it yet again must be heart breaking.

I really do not know what else to say here except to everyone affected *You are in my thoughts*

Lyn xxx


Anonymous said...

To her people and her land...

To all of Australia...

You are in my heart, my thoughts and my prays. I wish your fellow man safety and perserverance in the end.

America is praying for you!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Lyn such a sad time.
Just heard on the radio that there are now 128 confirmed deaths. Heaven knows how many the final tally will be.
My heart aches for all those affected by this tragic event,

Marilyn said...

Hi Lyn..thanks for the nice wishes...I am feeling a lot better at the moment. You post today is lovely. What a situation! Those poor dreadfull, and the Qld situation.. the whole thing is just unbelievable and its affecting everyone nation wide. The lovely thoughts and wishes coming through the blog world from all the friends all over is heartening. USA, Norway, Sweden, UK...and they are just the ones I have read... the warmth and love is great to see. Marilyn

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lyn

Your post was a reflection of my feelings and thoughts!

I've got the radio on and have just heard the wind has changed which means more homes are under threat, when's it going to end??

It does seem crazy floods up North and Bush Fires down South


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Lyn
just popping in to say HI! hope you are keeping well. We are all very worried about the fires here but nothing near by to us as yet. have to tell you that I took your roses and paisley bag up to cairns when I went and everyone commented on how lovely it was!

Anonymous said...

In such awful times
you are in my thoughts Australia. I feel very lucky as my aunt in law is visiting us in the UK from Australia, but we are all in shock.