Friday, January 30, 2009

From That to This.......

I have been itching to show you all the transformation that happened over Christmas, our new out door entertaining area. This is the back view of our house & the start of it. My Darlin' busy at work ok so note the back steps, the window on the left is our *little lounge*, the one on the right the laundry!

Getting closer to being put up, boy cannot believe the end result! Stinking hot day this was done 38 degress!

Not a very photo but posts are up & roof is on getting ready to pour the slab, finally somewhere solid to sit!
Rio laid waiting for the concrete to arrive, very early in the morning! No steps into the back of the house for the past few days, that was a lot of fun especially when doing the washing!
Our friend *Spike* getting the first wheel borrow ready for the concrete truck to deliver our Chrissie pressie!
Slab down at long last, still no steps! Lattice needs painting.

How good does this look, an even slab of concrete to put everything on YES!

Finished result, I painted our old oak table *White* Hubby lacquered the top for the true *French* look! Love the candle holders, so chic. LOVE this table!

This old bench used to belong to our neighbour. When she gave it to us all that remained was a couple of rotten slats. So my trusty Darlin' knowing our much I wanted this, made new slats up for it & I stained them. It has been sitting down the back under our Mulberry Tree for I don't know how long until I found it & had a brain wave to paint the slats white. Yeah right, painting went fine until I had to put the thing back together, the whole neighbourhood heard me, I was not a happy chappy! The thing kept falling apart & all the paint chipped off, which I am not complaining about now, just need to make some new cushions for it!

Our new back steps how good do they look, my Darlin' made & stained them himself!
So above & below show the finished result Or should I say near finished result. Still have a few thing to do until its completed, just LOVE sitting out here in the cool unless the neighbour from hell is home, another story you really do not want to get me started on that one.
Ok so Im outta here, got some serious partying to do this weekend, so gotta go!
Have a great weekend everyone & hope you like my new entertaining area
Lyn xxx


Connie said...

Stunning, stunning, stunninggggggg!!! I love the difference it makes, honey. I'd love to enlarge out back area also.

Don said...

What a grand plan! Thanks for sharing the helps one to appreciate the labor and thought that went into your project. Make me a little envious.

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Lyn, you must be loving your new area, it looks great and will get lots of use i am sure. what a clever hubby you have and i agree that i LOVE that table. Mel xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh great stuff and to be inspired to keep going through the heat! Well done!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh...just wonderful my friend. Just the perfect look for your new backyard. I sooo want a real porch..maybe someday!

Loved all the picks great! Fabuloso!

Love to you, Rebecca

blushing rose said...

Absolutely gorgeous pages. You are nearly a 'neighbor'. I used to live on Lynn Burke Rd in Monrovia. I now live in Mt. Airy.

May I ask you to help us bring the word to all about a special cause ~

This little girl needs help, I need to reach out to the world to help me help her. I am working with a non-profit organization to assist Scarlett, 2 yrs. old.

PTL ~ Marydon

Cottage Rose said...

Wow what a difference. It is great Lyn.
Dying to hear about the "neighbour"
Does Spike know he is now famous?

Pearl Maple said...

Lynn Thanks for finding me.
Can see we are both fans of Sara and the beach cottage.
You are in Coffs?
My family is in Grafton and I am in Lismore for a few days.

You have lots of lovely things going on here in your blog space. Good luck with all the new plans and adventures you have on the agenda.

Felicia said...

Fantastic :)

our shabby cottage said...

WOW Lyn! It looks great and I LOVE the table. You hubby has worked hard. What a beautiful place to sit and relax.