Friday, January 30, 2009

Saying goodbye to a first home.....

So the reason I was soooooo late in posting my Mums birthday ( I do have a VERY good excuse here) was that I have spent the week helping my son Ryan & girlfriend Chloe - pictured above at a fancy dress party as *Postman Pat & his Little Black Cat* - pack up their home & clean through out in preparation for the couple who will be renting from them.

I have to admit here that I am a tad worn out, nothing to do with my new age of course, I am blaming this squarely on the heat, after all even Chloe kept saying to me *How hot is it*? I think they are very glad it is all finished, after working all day they were back round there until round 9pm every night, so made it long days for them.
I was quite teary the last time I was there, I mean come on this is not even MY home but it is very special to me, the first home our son bought! my Hubby had done quite a lot of work round there so that makes it even more special.
Ok enough babbling here, I kinda think you all get the message how proud we are of Ryan! So until the next post, hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend & to all of you either in Victoria & South Australia I really hope this heatwave goes soon, am thinking of you guys.
One more thing as I am going away tomorrow so might not get the chance to post, I want to wish my gorgeous niece Rachel a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have a great day Sweet heart. Love yah heaps xxx
Oh & by the way Ryan does not wear glasses & that is a wig not his normal hair! He is not a postie either, thought I should let yous know!
Lyn xxx


Cottage Rose said...

Love the postman pat look, that could catch on you know hehe.
Don`t be too teary, it`s a great adventure for them and you are his Mum and always will be.
Ps the snake has moved on, all good here now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
First off, what a great picture of Ryan & Chloe!
I wish them both luck on their new adventure.
The hot weather is not what you need for cleaning. I tend to do most of what needs doing after 8pm when most of the heat has gone (plus the girls have gone to bed!)
Have a fab weekend!
Sarah xxx