Thursday, January 29, 2009

Im late, Im late, for a VERY important date......

I have to admit here that I am very late for the posting of my Gorgeous Mum's birthday. Margaret Rose Burleigh (nee Adair) was born on the 26th Jan 19??, sorry the year is a guarded secret, at Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. Her beautiful Mother Mary Tasker Adair, brought her three children up on her own, quite a feat back in those days. My Mum, like her Mum grew into an amazing very elegant *Lady*. After meeting & marrying my *dashing* Dad, they both built their first home, cycling many miles after work & during the weekends, putting in long hours to accomplish their dream. My Mum also bought three children into this world, first my sister Sue, then myself & lastly a long awaited son Deane. A very talented Seamstress I can remember my Mum making up beautiful dresses from *burda* magazines (in those days you had to trace all the patterns out & there were no seam allowances) & selling on consignment to a shop. I can still remember the beautiful black velvet dresses with stunning trimmings that Mum made & I used to wonder just who wore these stunning creations . In 1975 our family minus my elder sister moved to Nelson, located at the top of the South Island, where my parents started managing a motel. Eventually they bought the Motel & put many long hours without a day off, which to be honest was nothing unusual for them. I think the hardest day of my life was in June 1981 when I left New Zealand to come to Australia for *6 months*! I can still see the look on my Mum & Dads face as I said goodbye to them, I know now that they realised their *little girl* would not be returning home! Since I have lived over here my Mum has suffered Bladder Cancer, lost both breasts to Breast Cancer, & from this has become an even stronger person than she was before. She truly amazes me!

Happy Happy belated birthday *Margaret Rose Burleigh* I LOVE you HEAPS my Sweet!

Lyn xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
What a lovely post....your mum is just the sweetest.
Please pass on a HUGE Happy Birthday to her from me.
Sarah xxx

Cottage Rose said...

OMG it was my Mum`s birthday on Australia day too. She was 84.

Happy birthday to your Mum too


celestina marie said...

Hi Lyn, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
I have really enjoyed your lovely blog. Your tribute to your mum is beautiful. She is such an inspiration. Best Birthday Wishes to her always.
Celestina Marie