Friday, January 23, 2009


I had a great day yesterday & first off I wish to thank everyone of you guys out there who wished me a great day, it made my day even more special!

Ok so why the Part Two you may be asking yourself right about now, well I had a very upset Hubbie last night after reading my post & finding I had made no mention of him on my special day! What this over reacting Darlin' did not realise was that I wrote the post while he was at work, I had only seen him for about 10 minutes first thing in the morning & had intended to do a follow up today on how my night went! So my Darlin', this post is of & for you, OK.

I mentioned that my BIG pressie yesterday was a trip back home in March, what I failed to mention however was that this gift was from my Hubby. When he arrived home from work yesterday he also gave me a large bunch of beautiful flowers & cooked a yummy meal for me helped by Taska our daughter. Our evening was spent sitting out the back in our new Entertaining area (which you will see in a future post) which has become the coolest part of our home. First course was Prawn Cocktails, followed by Steak cooked on the barby with 3 different salads & finished off with a very very yummy birthday cake. The remainder of the evening was spent sitting around the table in the cool breeze just relaxing & talking over a few drinks. The perfect ending to a perfect day I kinda think.

So my Sweety, sorry for not mentioning you yesterday, have I been forgiven yet????

Oh & nearly forgot to mention (I do not want to get into anymore trouble here) that our son Ryno & his gorgeous girlfriend Chloe (yep their the ones moving to WA) came around in the arvo & bought me a beautiful necklace, so I really was spoiled!

Today life is back to normal & the housework that I did not quite get around to yesterday *because you do not do anything on your special day* has been started, although not with a lot of enthusiasm I must admit.

Better get back to it before I find another excuse to put it off until tomorrow!!

Have a great day

Lyn xxx


Alison Gibbs said...

HiLyn sorry I missed your birthday.
Sounds like a good one.
Don't you know 'We Girls' are like red wine - better with age!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
What a great husband you have, the meal sounded lovely. What a special evening sitting out the back with the ones you love.
So glad you had a great day.
Have a great Australia Day weekend!

A Romantic Porch said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear Lyn! xorachel

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday just a little LATE, Lyn! Hope you day was wonderful and bright!

Hugs to you. If you were here I'd take you to lunch! :)


MelsRosePlace said...

Happy birthday for the other day Lyn...sorry its a wee bit late! Always good to have an extended birthday though i always think! Sounds like a wonderful day and always remember the housework can wait as life is out there to be lived! Hugs, Mel xxx

Marilyn said...

Hi Lyn..I am from Kempsey, Australia...nice to meet a neighbour. I like your blog. Have added you. Marilyn