Monday, November 3, 2008

Wow my first ever blog award.....

Wow I do not believe this but I have received my first award from Kathryn at I am honestly over the moon & have the hugest smile on my face that will no doubt stay there for the next few days. Thank you so much Kathryn, you do not how happy you have made me.

Ok so now it is my turn to pass this award on to 7 other great bloggers out there, so here goes: Andrea because she has become a close friend & I smile every time I read her blog. Hey sweet this is your second award in one day! Ali a fellow Kiwi because she bought my blog to life & I still cannot get over how pretty it is. Shannon was the first person to leave me a comment on my blog & boy it meant so much to me.

http://http// Kylie because her blog is just so cheery & she tells it how it is! Mel because I just really enjoy reading her blog, & she has a picket fence & roses in her front garden just like me! Rose because her blog is just such a delight to read, & she loves her gardens! because I just love how she has renovated her Beach Cottage, & her wit is very infectious.

Ok so I know I said 7 & if I can still count properly that is my seven (thou mind you I could just keep going) but there is one more that I need to give this award to:

http// Kathryn because her's is the first blog I read every day & I just love all her creations, a very talented Lady.

Ok so there you have it, if you accept this award you can place it in your sidebar & you must blog it & send it on to seven others. ( Leave them a comment on their blog to let them know)

Enjoy the rest of your day

Lyn xoxo


our shabby cottage said...

Oh thanks Lyn. you are too kind! I love your blog too!! Keep it up.
Kathryn. XX

The Pink Poodle said...

OH MY!! i hate to admit it BUT I dont honestly know what I have to do to accept this award from you and kathryn???
I have been clicking buttons left right and centre!! but nothing happens..
and between doing skype phoney thing on the computer rang..guess who?? christian in his bedroom up the back of the house..didnt want to interrupt his uni could you "DEAR MOTHER" bring me a coke?? what the??!! and of course I obliged!!

let me know what i have to do...silly billy old me!!

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

Hi Lyn

thank you so much you are too sweet, isn't it so nice to get an award?

oh and thanks for saying my wit is good, you know it's funny a few people have said that, but I don't think I'm witty at all...but I obviously come across like that, I guess it's good to look a the comic side of life if you can!!

happy blogging


Cottage Rose said...

Awhhhh Lyn, THANK YOU, that is so sweet.
I gladly accept but being a poota bimbo you may have to walk me thru what to do to add it to my sidebar.
(Just in case you haven`t noticed my blog is very basic, it matches my poota skills)

I`ll spend some time on it tomorrow.
Thanks so much

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

OH how on earth has a blog such as yours escaped awards prior to this one????
I guess it's just one of many mysteries.
But I am rapt as a new blogger it is super exciting to think someone else has thought of you!
I will pop it on my sidebar and complete the rest when I am not so sleep deprived....
Off to bed now thanks again



right back at cha too !!!

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

MelsRosePlace said...

Hiya dear Lyn...sorry i missed this one..thank you very much indeed, i will try to work out how to save it on my page - matches my xmas decos perfectly lol ! Happy reading , Mel xxx