Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I finished the frames, have hung one in my bedroom, put the oil painting that came with this frame back into it, but am not really fussed with it, it seems a bit bright to me, but it will do until I find something to replace it?? My next job will be our duchess (you can just see the corner of the mirror on the bottom right hand side, feel a bit guilty as it took *My Darlin'* hours & hours of varnishing years ago to transform it from the Mission Brown paint it had on it when we bought it. What was it in the eighties with *Mission Brown*, I think Australia must have had a huge sale on that colour paint!
Love how Taska's bed side cabinet turned out. *She* looks so much better with her white paint & glass knobs, now I just have to make Taska a new quilt for her bed, I had to bribe her (SHE IS INTO BLACK & WHITE) so will make her a quilt in black & white for her bed to keep her happy!
Ok so this is a short & sweet one from me today, heading off to Maitland in the morning, Deff Leppard concert at Newcastle on Thursday, doing the rounds of Vinnies etc Friday in Maitand (so many thrifty shops down there) my best friend Anna is coming back up with us on Saturday to stay for a week (REALLY looking forward to that, heaps of time spent on the front veranda) planning on coming home via the New England Highway, will be my first time, & out west hopefully will have heaps of small towns with thrifty shops, YES will be in HEAVEN!
Put a bet on the Cup today (my one & only time I pl;ace a bet) my horse came in 4th, them the brakes huh, but still really enjoyed the thrill of the race.
Hope yours horses came in for you's
Enjoy your night
Lyn xoxo


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

The bedside table really came up trumps.
I too put a bet on but mine are still running i think??
hey the sound of all those thrift shops sounds like my kind a heaven!!

Cottage Rose said...

I won 8 bucks, rich eh?
The bedside table looks great, much better in white.
Lyn you need to walk me thru how I snaffle the award for my blog, I have no idea what to do!
Rose the boring.

The Pink Poodle said...

dear lyn..bedside table looks great...
gave christian $30.00 to bet (once a year..)...of course OUR horse came 4th..
you need to email me re my blog site/.one minute the clock is at the bottom of everything...now it is back at the top?? i dont get it..managed to get the award...but now what??? it is all a bit TOO hard for me...I need help..otherwise i think i may call it quits...i am just too out of touch re internet lingo stuff...
akfrost@hotmail.com...xx andrea

MelsRosePlace said...

The table looks great - my daughter is into the black and white in her room too although you can get some nice fabrics and bits and pieces. Not totally my taste but bearable!! Have fun at the op shops and i hope you find some goodies. Mel xxx


OK ...WHAT ????? Youre going to see DEF LEPPARD ??????
OHMYGAWD i am soooo stinkin jealous!!! Oh man i hope you have the best time!!!!!!!!!! Thats gonna be so awesome!
Fling an extra pair of knickers at the stage for me ok!! HAHAHAHA.

ok i love the bedside table OF COURSE, and hey the mission brown....UGH yep we musta had a BUY ONE GET 200 FREE thing happening back then. ICKY!

good grief i just cant get over the Def Leppard thing.....

soooooo jealous!


Luv Ya and hate ya all in one.
hee hee.

Shann xo
(whos now singing LOVE BITES in her head....)

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

OHH I love the table!! It has turned out a real treat!! Good for you!! it's always great to give something a new fresh look!!
well done! Love the white framed picture too!!
Hope your having a good week!!

Sarah said...

The bedside table turned out just beautifully, what a diference a coat of white paint does! We got our new bedroom suite today, so I am going to strip the old varnish off from each of the bedside tables & paint them white to go with the girls new beds that they will be getting at Christmas.
Have fun rummaging through all the thrift shops on your trip.
Sarah xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I love what you have done with your Treasures!
They sure look so much better!
Sorry for not been able to visit you more often!
This Month is a very busy one for us! (Birthdays and preparing for Christmas)
Anyway, I will try to stop by as often as I can!
I`m glad to know that you are feeling much better!
Debbie Moss