Monday, November 3, 2008

My special trip home.......

In January I went home for a couple of weeks to surprise my Mum for her birthday. It was the first time in 27 years that I had spent both my Mums & my own birthday back home with my family, well & truly long over due. I will never forget the look on my Mums face when I walked in the door, it was priceless & my Dad had kept the secret for me since August of last year, no mean feat when it comes to my Mum I have to tell you. Anyway last night I was looking for some photos that I had saved & came across the ones I had taken back home. These were all taken in the Chinese Garden in Nelson, it really is quite breath taking.

Ok so this one is of my gorgeous Dad, Cindy their little girl & well me! Yuck I never like how my photo turns out!

Love this one, my gorgeous Mum & Dad with Cindy. I have this photo as my background on my computer.

It always amazes me how Chinese gardens are so peaceful, would just love to have this in my back yard!

Love the white, so clean & crisp looking. Love this shot of Cindy, she is the most sweetest little Australian Terrier, my Mum & Dad really love their little girl.

I took this shot because of how the pebbles were laid, all on their ends rather than flat, would have taken weeks or even months to do & they all form a pattern!

How much do I WANT this is my back yard, just so peaceful sitting in here, can see me sitting in this in my back yard with a good book!
So these are just a few of the photos I took, will show more at a later date.
Have a busy day, we are off on Wednesday down to our sons to stay for a few days to catch the Def Leppard concert on Thursday night, am really getting excited. It has been raining here for the past 3 days so has taken longer to get Taskas bed side cabinet painted. Hopped out this morning & gave it its final coat so will take photos of the finished result when it is dry.
Hope you have enjoyed sharing my very special trip home with me, let me know what you guys think!
Have a really great day
Lyn xoxox


our shabby cottage said...

What a fabulous surprise! It's a wonder your Mum didn't have a heart attack!! I always love reading stories like that!

MelsRosePlace said...

That was a lovely surprise and you look lovely in the photo!! Mel xxx

A-M said...

Thanks for visiting me over at my place and for your lovely comments. I will add your blog to my blog roll and check in often. Have a great week! A-M xx

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Lyn, me again, I have just given you an award. Check out my blog for details, Kathryn. XX

Cottage Rose said...

I bet your Mum was besides herself, what a gorgeous surprise!

We are flying out to the South Island on New Years Eve for 3 weeks, Nelson is our last night before we go back to Christchurch.
Emirates had flights for $550 return, how cheap was that!!!
We are bypassing the North isle as we have done it before and the South isle is just so more spectacular.