Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Mother-In-Law from hell & my obsession with Dunnies.....

Now I have to let you all in on a secret of mine, I have an obsession with Loo's, Toilets, Dunnies, Lavatories, Out Houses, name them what you will! This first started when I had my 21st at an amazing French Restaurant (I didn't want a big party, just family & friends gathered for a very special Dinner) & of course I took my camera to take photos of my special day. I ordered escargots (common name Snails) & I think everyone was a tad horrified, but let me tell you the taste is just to die for! I have not had them since but they are on my *to do* list which I have recently started. Ok getting back to the Loo thing, when I, excuse me, went to the Little Girls Room, here was the most beautiful toilet I had ever seen. I can still remember exactly what it looked like, all done out in very Chic Black & White tiles on the floor & walls, & it had a wooden cistern high up on the wall with the most sweetest pull thingy, and a white porcelain knob on the end. I rushed right on out of there lickity split & picked up my camera & just started clicking away. I think I spent the longest time it takes to do a *pee*, in fact now I think about it, it should have been recorded into the *Guinness Book of Records*! I just had never seen a loo like it before. It wasn't until we bought our home & I was going through it on *open day* (actually I arrived early & walked out the back & as soon as I saw the back yard I just knew this was the home for us) & guess what, when I walked into the loo room there it was, a cistern on the wall. Yipeeeeeee I said to myself, if we buy this house I get my all time favourite loo as an added bonus! Well I walked right out of there, went up to the Real Estate guy, put in an offer & before you could say *Bobs your Uncle* the house was off the market! My Darlin' was playing Soccer this day & received quite a shock when he came home to be told I had bought a house he hadn't even seen! No it wasn't really that bad as the house we were renting at the time was exactly the same as our home now. I have to admit the toilet in our home was nowhere near the standard of that beauty in the French Restaurant, it had a concrete cistern which had been painted silver of all colours, & over the years the water kept leaking out of it all the time hence the string attached to the spring & fastened to a hook on the right hand side of the photo above. The pull thingy was an old cruddy chain & no porcelain knob on the end. A few weeks ago we finally said adieu to this faithful but broken down friend, it is now sitting down the back yard keeping company with another old concrete cistern which will be turned into little ponds, hopefully with small waterfalls. I do still have a reminder of our old faithfull though, the outline on the wall where she once stood, so when the rain clears I will be repainting the toilet. We went looking for a new toilet recently & I have to admit I embarrassed my Hubby by sitting on all the ones I liked (well they do have to be comfortable when I take a book in with me to read). I haven't found the *right* one yet but I do know its out there somewhere, waiting for the day I find *her*.

I just had to show you guys this invitation that my friend Anna (boy am I missing her at the moment) in an email. If this is for real I really pity the poor girl who is going to end up with this Mother-In-Law from hell, but it gave me one hell of a laugh. Click on it to enlarge it!

My great $10 find (rocking chair) is still sitting by itself out in the shed, I went into Spotlight yesterday as they had 20% off all their Manchester (gotta love that) & could not believe that I found nothing that took my fancy to cover her in. In Coffs we only have Spotlight & one other fabric shop to choose from. so I am at a loss as to what to cover her in. Bugger! I do have four curtains that I bought off ebay, Rachel Ashwells *Rosilee* print, which I bought to make pillows etc with, got them for a steal at the time, but when I saw them I thought they would look lovely hanging in my bedroom. My Darlin' does not want curtains, just the wooden blinds, which by the way I am very slowly trying to talk him into letting me paint white. I am too scared to cut into them in case he should change his mind & I wouldn't have enough to hang. Decisions Decisions.

It is still raining here, has now been 1 1/2 weeks & it is starting to get me down, I have so much painting to do but is too wet & damp to get anything to dry. So listen guys, I know there are so many of yous who really need all this rain (I should not be whinging) so if I can come up with a way to send it down/up to yous I will

Enjoy the rest of your day

Lyn xoxox


A-M said...

Oooh someone who is whinging about the rain too. I don't feel so guilty doing all my whinging now. Don't you dare send yours up this way! A-M xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahhhh We will take the rain.
And how bout the invite eh?
When I saw the header on your post I was thinking .."uh oh" But no not your M in law,You had me worried:)

Millie said...

Driest October on record here in Sth. Aust., so yes, we'll have some of your rain please! Loved your Dunny post, can you see you sitting on all of them in the store - what a hoot!
Millie ^_^

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Yeah! I second demotion w/ the ladies. We have rain blend snow & so cold here up in Sweden.

Glad to see you travelling to me. Makes me glad.


Peta said...

I like old fashioned style toilets too. Recollections have an old fashioned style toilet called Victoria. Not half as cool as your old one, but.

Cottage Rose said...

Gosh you have had some rain, we in comparision have had so little!

I read your toilet seat testing as you also take a book to read, reread it and went duh. LOL

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Too funny Lyn, we are also on the lookout for our perfect loo. Ensuite one is severely broken and main bathroom one keeps on leaking. Think I might have found one at recollections (restorers store) though!! We do however have the black and white tiles so thats a start.
Alicia :0)