Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Bestest friend Anna, Def Leppard Concert & our Pub crawl.......

I have been a bit slack with my postings lately (well yep ok you guys are right, I have been REAL slack) but then I do have a really really good excuse, my bestest friend came back up with to stay for a week, so I am allowed to do NOTHING but sit & talk, relax, go shopping, laugh until my insides hurt, have a few drinks (ok ok quite a few drinks) & just love this very special Lady who I am sooooooo lucky to call my friend. (Boy is she going to go OFFFFFFFFF when she see's I posted these photo's of her!)

I cannot believe that this time last week we were down in Maitland getting ready for the Def Leppard concert, where has the time gone, well I guess sitting around doing nothing, talking etc etc. The concert started at 7pm, we left Mick (our eldest son) at 1pm, caught the train into Hamilton where I found a shop I have always wanted to go to, *Anne's Glory Box* where I spent quite some time taking in all the beautiful fabrics & laces etc they sell. The only thing I bought was a pattern!!! The guys didn't want to visit this treasure trove with me so they went to the nearest pub, well you really couldn't blame them as it was a stinking hot day & we really did need to find somewhere that had air con! We ended up doing a pub crawl all the way to Broadmeadow where the Entertainment Centre is, good grief it had been a LONG time since I had done that. I even had a win on the pokies!

We finally got there, bought Macas for tea, & stood in line (up near the front) & waited & waited for the doors to open! Ok so the mad rush was on to get the BEST spot & still cannot believe that we managed to stand right in front of the stage. Yes sireee, we could just reach out & touch them if we wanted to (but didn't) In all there were 3 bands, the support band which I am a bit ashamed to say I cannot remember their name & they were very very good, next Cheap Trick (could only remember 3 of their songs!) & then who everyone had come to see (although I doubt doing the pub crawl thingy like we had) Def Leppard came on. I must admit I was a bit worried they wouldn't sound as good, we are all getting older after all, but no they did not let us down. Shannon *Love Bites* sounds so incredible live, *two steps behind* they sang right in front of us, I could just go on & on. I have to tell yah, I wont be forgetting this concert for a long time.

The only let down to the night was that we had to walk back to Hamilton train station after the concert & missed the train by 5 minutes so had to wait over an hour for the next one, but hey that's life huh.

Friday was spent doing the rounds of the local Op shops in Maitland. Ooooooooh wait until I show you the little beauty I bought for $10, I had to go & ask the ladies behind the counter if *the price was right*! & yep you bet your bottom dollar it was, so paid for it straight away while I looked for other little treasures I could purchase for next to nothing! My Darlin' was a bit horrified when he saw my steal, *why do you want THAT*, *How will it fit in the car*, where are you putting THIS when we get home*, *you are not painting it WHITE are you*, etc etc. I just smiled & told him how great it will look when I have finished giving it a new lease of life! Sorry but you will have to wait until my next post to see what IT is. Due to 3 males who are not into Op shops I didn't get to spend nearly as much time thrifting, but was really happy with my treasure that I bought.
Oh forgot to mention that I forgot to take my camera to the concert, can you beleive that, but our friend who came with us took some photos on his camera. Will post them as soon as I get them on my computer...


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Sounds like you had a TON of fun! Pub crawl, now THAT takes me back. Not sure my head could take it these days. Hangover probably after one brew.

Glad you had fun, and yes, you DO deserve a break!!


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH ive been thinking bout cha and wondering how it all went!!! Oh you are so sweet to remember how i looooove LOVE BITES ! oh i woulda passed out if i was at the front near them! Oh and Cheap Trick too !!
SO AWESOME !!!! Im so so so glad you had such a good time. LOL you are gonna be in trouble when a certain someone sees those piccies of herself...but hey she looks like she is having a BLAST and lotsa giggles and thats what its all about chickie babe.

Oh my gawd i should have told you to go into Morpeth which is near Maitland, and go to a shop called Miss Lillys Lollies,oooh she has the best home made fudge ever! Maybe youve been there before.??

Anyway im ranting but geez im just so glad you had such a great week. You sound on top of the world and thats so nice to hear.

Luv Ya

p.s so did you throw your knickers on stage or what ????

MelsRosePlace said...

You pair of ragers!! It is so much fun to catch up with an old friend - what a great week you have had! Mel xxx