Sunday, November 16, 2008

This old house........

This beautiful old Heritage Listed house was the first place I lived when I moved out of home. Back then (I was 17, good grief 31 years ago) it was divided in half, the caretakers lived on the left side & three of us on the right. Apart from my room my favourite room in the house was the kitchen. It had big french doors that opened out onto the amazing garden out the back, full of big old leafy trees where I would sit on really hot Summer days.
The bathroom had the most hughmungest claw foot bath I have ever seen, in those days we didn't even think about saving water, or had to pay excess water bills,(droughts were something only African countries suffered!) & every night I would fill it to the top with bubbles & laze back until the water turned cold!

My Mum is in this photo asking the present owners if I could have a look through, the door on the other side of the bay window was our front door.

Ok so this is a really bad photo of me (as usual, I do NOT like having my photo taken) standing by the outside door that led into my room. The owners have also added another door on the outer wall & use this room as an office now. My room was once the Maids quarters & surprisingly was the largest of the three. It had a massive walk in robe, a real treat 31 years ago, which was once the maids bathroom. I really enjoyed taking this visit down Memory Lane, although sadly the owners have let the house decline, have changed the layout around & my beautiful bright & sunny kitchen is now a very messy bedroom! I just couldn't get over how much stuff they had in this massive house, every room was just spilling over with it.
My love of old homes started out with my Great Grandmothers house in Hapuku near Kaikoura in New Zealand. Every summer we would visit this amazing Lady, she was over 100 when she died & would talk to me about the voyage out from England when she was 4! My Great Aunty Lily lived down the road in the most beautiful Cottage I think I have ever seen & from a young age I just knew this was the type of home I wanted to own *when I grew up*! So when I saw this house it just seemed right that it would be my first rental. I have always wanted to own it, although where it is in Nelson I would never be able to afford it, this is probably the smallest house in the street, in a very expensive area.
So there you have it, hope you enjoyed the walk down Memory Lane with me.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Lyn xoxox


Margaret said...

Lyn My Love. In your trip down memory lane you missed the part of your love of taking photos of all the different old loos you used to take and send home to us. You only seemed to be away from us for a short while and would then come back until you had saved enough for yor next adventure. When you went to Australia we didnt realise it would become you future home or we may not have let you go. Miss you my beautiful Daughter

Anonymous said...

what a stunning house!!! I LOVE it!!! what great memories you have!!
Love the green!!
hope youve had a wonderful weekend!!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

OMG Darlin' you have just reminded me of the photos I took of the toilet that was at the French Restaurant I had my 21st at. I took a photo of our loo last week, the cistern has finally been removed & we are into the 21st century! now I just have to repaint the room. I didnt realise that the six months would turn into 27 years. Both Dad & you know how much I love & miss you guys & your kisses & cuddles.

Luv yah's

Lyn xoxox

MelsRosePlace said...

What a wonderful house, how lucky to have the memories of living there. I wish i could have that bath and yes i remember too when droughts or saving water were something none of us considered. The house is beautiful indeed - love the colour - Mel xxx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

looks to be areal old gem1

The Pink Poodle said...

dear lyn...what a lovely old house..
i have only been to auckland..and i loved some of the architecture in some of the suburbs there..
and what a BIG city it is??
which is the city famous for art deco?? anyway...
what a nice blog...calming..remembering times gone by..
and DONT talk about WATER/droughts/restrictions../!!
my NEWISH CAR is ROTTEN!! no bucket..
xx andrea

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

How lovely to go back down Memory Lane ... and a gorgeous house too...interesting about taking photos of the loos...the mind boggles!!! Dzintra

Cottage Rose said...

You are back blogging......yeah! I can`t add the I love your blog award, I need your help!
What a great old house, it looks like it was gorgeous in it`s heyday.
When do we get to see the toilet photos?

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Good day LYn!

I was so glad to see you in my world. So nice to see new ladies & of course from downunder.

Will be back soonest & TY for the add.

See Yah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis

I dont remember that house. Maybe I didnt come up and visit you when you lived there. The one that I do remember the most, was the one that you had to be careful where you stood as the floor boards were rotten. I think it was up abit of a hill. My memory is fading abit these days - oldtimers I think. Though I can remember that you did have a love of Loos.
Your Loving Older Sis in Sunny Christchurch