Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vinnies, Vampires & Vacations.....

Taskas friends popped over last night while doing the Halloween thingy so I just had to take a photo or two of them. A LOT of preparation went into looking this good!

I have been feeling VERY VERY down lately, has been quite some time since I was this bad & let me tell you it is a road I dread going down, anyway after weeks of not being able to do anything, especially housework, I decided yesterday to get in & tackle the growing mess around me! Yeah right after I go for a walk down to our local Vinnies. I do not know what I was looking for, just had the feeling something was waiting for me to take them home. Nothing in Vinnies so went next door to Legacy (I keep calling this place Leprosy, not good.) Well what do you know but sitting there all by its little lonesome was the bedside table I have been hunting & hunting for Taska's room! Yee Haa, even did some haggling but nope the guy wouldn't budge on the price. What the hell, its what I have been looking for, so as I do not drive (yeah yeah, shock horror, rapidly approaching 50 & still cannot drive, although I do own my L's) I had to leave her at the shop until this morning. Taska took one look at it, fell head over heals in love, telling me how perfect it is, trashy handles & all, saw the look of horror on my face & bellowed *please do not tell me you are going to paint her WHITE! Ummm yeah! is that a stupid question or what, she knows every single bit of furniture I get my hands on is painted the sacred colour! As I still have a cane table & more photo frames out in the shed in the process off being painted WHITE, I will allow the new comer to our family to sit very quietly in Taskas room where I will choose to ignore her in that disgusting burgundy colour, until I get to her!

So after my big find of the day I was feeling soooooooooo much better & stopped in at the THIEF"S shop, our biggest & only privately owned *second hand* shop. I had spotted a great looking out door lounge the day before that I could just so see sitting on my front veranda (if you have visited before you will know this my favourite spot) & had spent that night having dreams of painting (WHITE of course) & making up more poofy cushions to match the chairs, & just have something to lay on & read by book, have a coffee (or the odd beer or even better Vodkas) in peace, so had decided that it was going dirt cheap, so imagine my horror when it was not even there! Ok so around the corner to yet another thrifty shop where I found the little collection above. Two very tacky gold frames, a curtain that has the most sweetest roses on it, & a book on Madame de Pompadour (YEESSSSSSSS). Ok so the frames have now been painted white & lookin' real good, the curtain I am going to make new cushion covers for the front veranda as the pink & white stripe are toooooo small & I really have to have rose fabric out there, & the book I am just going to sooo enjoy reading 'cause I have always wanted to go to France, like forever, I think in a past life I lived there! So after two hours of thrifting I walked home (remember there's no license here) in 35 degree heat & finally arrive looking like a beetroot, dripping wet, but OH SO HAPPY, which I have not felt in I do not how long.

It has been a few hours since I started this post, My Darlin's best mate arrived round, few beers in the shed(out of Vodka) & have had a painting frenzy. The frames are finished, the cane table has one coat to go, & best of all one blue eye, one green eye, Taska is sleeping over at a friends tonight SO the burgundy has gone, draws have had 3 coats, the rest just the one, but am hoping to have it finished before she arrives home tomorrow. Will bribe her with a black & white doona cover!

Thanks heaps for popping in, you know what to do, leave a comment, see yah's

Lyn xoxoxo

Oh yeah as for the Vacation! there isn't one, just couldn't think of a third V that I did yesterday!


The Pink Poodle said...

dear LYN....dont feel down...come on girl..I am the 51 yo FART..with aches & pains everywhere!! hubby always away.!! eldest son in japan...
I LOVE your verandah!! wish i had one like that .. that i could paint..I love painting..stuff that is.. not pictures! (i wish i could draw/paint!!)...that by passed my brain..unfortunately i got a brain that was good at law/english that is why i graduated with a law degree..BUT honestly i wish I had a brain that could have let me be artistic...draw/paint...very very frustrating!!
your pictures re vampires scare me!! they look terrific..but i am a scaredy cat!!
take care me andrea the gonzo!!
ps..watching the cricket on foxtel..talking to byron on skype..with hubby on the phone at the same time...AND I didnt think i was multi taskable?? is that a word??? ps i dont think i know what the bloody hell i am doing..

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh sounds like a day made in Heaven!!
Funny how a good buy can put you in such a good mood...I regularly do a little happy dance when I bag a bargain at our local op shop which is a treasure trove...And cheap!
I hate painting and recently missed out on buying a gorgeous frenc drwers set with glass over lay on top for ...Wait>>>$10!!!!!!
I know...Kicking me so hard!!
But i was doing the whole I will not horde thing and was in the middle of moving house anyway went back to get it after it had sat there for 3 weeks and GONE!!
So iam glad you got your perfect item!
Can't believe you have already done that many coats on it!!
Well done!

Connie said...

Lyn, my sweet chick friend, get to a doctor and get anti-depressants! They really do help and there's no stigma attached to taking something your body needs!

Uuuuhhhh, "takes time to look that good"??? Or should it be "look that bad"???!!! Looks real anyway....Hah Good grief!

That night stand would be white so fast your head would swim from the flicking of the paint brush if it was in my house, honey!!!

Connie ;-)

our shabby cottage said...

How funny - your comment to me came through as I was reading your blog!!!! Love the girls dressed up and the thrifted goodies. Too bad about the outdoor lounge. Oh, well you scored with the other goodies. Glad to hear you are happy :).

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Lyn, the girls all looked great, i bet they had fun! We had quite a few girls come over on Friday that looked exactly like that! I hope you continue to feel better over the weeks coming...i go through phases like that too. Right now am very enthusiastic about "stuff" (well never housework actually) but have some down times too when i couldnt be bothered with anything or anyone! So you are not the only one to feel like that and sometimes i think this blogging thing is very good as quite often it gives me ideas and i feel all inspired about what someone else has done or plans to do. You did well with your finds too. Have a good week, Mel xxx

Cottage Rose said...

Cheer up!
the girls look great, scary but great!
Great finds!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hiya sweets, I am very familiar with that "road" you mentioned and its not one I like to visit either but seems to be there in the background unfortunatly! You just gotta choose not to take it :0)) Hope you are still feeling a lot better, sorry I havent been to visit lately but am spending more time off the computer than on at the moment!