Thursday, October 8, 2009

*He did it*.........

My Sweet boy Ryno took a trip to his Mum's homeland late last month spending 10 days down at Queenstown. He did the usual *snowboarding*, went on the *shot over jet* took a helicopter flight but the thing I think he enjoyed doing most was...........

......doing the *134 metre* Bungy jump! I have to tell you I have always wanted to do this & know quite a few people who have jumped off the tall bridges down at Queenstown but this one well I don't think so..... honestly think I would be holding on for dear life not to jump out!

He has always seemed to know no fear right from the start so I shouldn't have been surprised when he showed me the video of this Bungy jump, I wasn't until I saw the 134 metre drop sign!

The photo above shows how far down the river below is!!! maybe this jump is not for me....

Ryno in his element... really lovin' every minute of it.... after an adventure packed holiday he came *home* for 5 glorious days, I treasure any time I have with him since his big move to the other side of Oz, only to find the day he left Perth to fly to Sydney to fly to NZ, his gorgeous girlfriend Chloe broke off their relationship. To say he is devastated is putting it mildly, to say I am devastated is also putting it mildly I honestly thought they would get married, he just seems so lost now, all the plains he had made for his future included Chlo & now, well, what??? it had been a long time since I saw my boy (actually at 23 nearly 24 he's a man) cry, & I couldn't do anything for him, in the past I could always fix things with a kiss & heaps of cuddles, that doesn't work anymore, it does not help the pain go away & the hardest thing is that he is over there all by himself..... I just really want him to come home..... if you have read my posts on Ryan before then you will know that he has always been so so special to me.......
If you are lucky enough to have your family around you... kiss & cuddle them every day...


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Wow! I am shocked by the Bungee and the bust up!
It is hard t envisage a different future when you thought it was kind of Mapped out.
Hope your Boy finds real happiness again soon.
The daredevil in him is awesome!

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

OMG your son is very gutsy, I could NEVER bungee jump!!

Relationship breakdowns aren't easy are they : ( How long were they together? Just know that he will be ok in time, I'm sure he is a fantastic bloke & he will find the right woman eventually.

I can't imagine it would be easy to have your son so far away. Did he leave for good or does he have plans to return? My brother recently moved out & has been travelling around Australia, we miss him so much, especially mum! I have 2 young boys, I dont wanna think about them ever growing up & leaving me!!

Please pop by when you have a chance, I am having a blog giveaway n would love for you to enter!
Take care : )
Sheryn xox

The Pink Poodle said...

hi dear lyn..
firstly..cannot believe all this bungey jumping macho stuff...jee wiz!! i would be soooo scared..

Byron actually dived off that building in auckland many a year ago to my horror...& went back for 2nds...!!

You have my thoughts & kissses re two boys are my precious goodies...!! even with byron in qld & us in is hard re the least there is skype!!

thanks for voting for christians muscles!!!

xxxx andrea

Alison Gibbs said...

You are so right - it is so difficult when these long term relationships with our kids breakdown and seeing our big strong boys break down in tears is heartbreaking. Just give him that kiss and cuddle anyway - doesn't matter how big they get they still need it.

chair up said...

Hey Lyn, I always feel like a bit of a kiwi fraud when people ask me about the "extreme" attractions in NZ as I've never done nor plan to do ANY of them!
Sorry to hear about your son, really feeling for you.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Yikes! nope I could never bungee jump it looks way too scary.
sorry to hear of the relationship troubles, as a mum you just gotta be there to listen and support, when they are older you cant help them as much with lifes lessons but they are always glad to have you there as back up. Hope he finds happiness again real soon.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Lyn, I wouldn't jump out of that plane if you paid me! No way! Ryan definately has guts! Bye the way my son's name is Ryan too! Cute name isn't it! He'll be 20 in 11 days time. He hasn't gone through heartbreaks yet but I suppose all we can do is let them know that we are always there if they need us! take care, Maryann