Friday, July 10, 2009

About a Laptop, Two very special prints, & the Best SURPRISE.........

Anyone who has a teenage daughter or son (not to mention an 8 year old as well) will know if there is only one computer in the house the line up involved in getting on the one & only computer in the house! to make this even more difficult in my home the computer is in my sewing room which as I have said before is little more than the size of a cupboard, therefore you can bet your bottom dollar whenever I need to get into sew someone is on the one & only computer so it becomes a case of *just forget it*! Soooooooooo I finally bit the bullet (hard to do in these financial times) & bought myself a Laptop.... now don't get me wrong I LOVE it but here's the thing it is so different to use no normal mouse to start off with & although I have a couple of spare ones floating around somewhere my pride is getting in the way here & telling me I have to learn how to get use to this one. The hardest thing though is getting use to how sensitive the keypad is, cannot say how many emails or comments on blogs I have written only to watch them disappear somehow????? But the main thing is I can now get the other computer out of my sewing room hopefully get everything out & give it a much needed paint to remove the *what was I thinking yellow paint* & then have it all to myself yesssss. I guess the main thing I cannot get over is just how flash it is, there are all these buttons & to be quite honest here have no idea what half of them do I have however worked out how to put my boys (U2) on here & its great that I just have to click on a button & they play straight away oh actually now that I come to think of it my other one has that as well but I never used it dah... I do know how lucky I am however to have my very own Laptop & smile at her whenever I look at her ohhhhhhhhh just lovin'it.

So now onto the pictures... the one above my Mum & Dad gave to me quite a few years as a pressie she is a famous print but this one is VERY special as all the gold on her dress, hair,shoes,dog & curtains glow when the light is shining on the print. Have been racking my brains as to what this is called but it has just escaped me for now starts with L???? Anyway I'm sure you all know what I mean & yes I will welcome any comments if you do know what it is called.
The picture above my Darlin' bought for me not long after I received my first one although different it has the same little girl in the same dress & same dog... just love them.

Ok so before I go I just have to tell you about the BEST surprise I received on Wednesday... my Ryno just walked in the back door out of the blue, wish you all could see my face right now the biggest smile you can imagine. I knew his gorgeous Chloe (partner) was coming for a short visit but when I asked Ryno if he was also coming back he said he didn't think so, so you can really imagine my surprise when they both walked in through the back door. Let me tell you although he is only here for a few days life just could not be any better right now....

Wishing you all a great weekend & honestly hope you are all walking around with a smile as big as mine on your beautiful faces...

Oh before I forget I want to thank everyone for their supportive comments on my last post I honestly appreciate all of them.....

Ok so am going before I have to rewrite anymore of this....


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

sounds like you are getting your little dose of the silver lining!
Enjoy each moment...

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lyn
Glad to hear you're one happy Lil' Vegemite!!

When I use my daughter's laptop I also get a bit confused, not that, that would take much I can tell you!

Happy weekend to you too Lyn


Alison Gibbs said...

What a great surprise.
Laptops sure take a lot of getting used to. I have had mine for about a month and keep on accidentally knocking the wrong keys

blushing rose said...

Aww! The joy of wonderful surprises! I'll bet you did smile ... TTFN~ Marydon

Sarah said...

Hey Lym,
I think that first print is called 'In Disgrace' there is a story behind it along the lines of the girl knocked over or broke something in the house & was send to the corner 'in disgrace'. Not sure if this is absolutly correct but I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this for ages. Missed buying one on ebay last year. Bugger!
Hope the new laptop is going well, I still use our big computer & Adam uses the laptop. I also have an issue with the keys being so touchy.
Enjoy your visit with Ryno & Chloe.
~S~ ccc

janet said...

A Special Pleader, The artist is Charles Barber 1845-1894. He painted Queen Victoria's favorite canines for 25 yrs. The poem that came with my picture ( I taped it to the back)is called A Mother's Point of View by Shirley Scovern. The girl is being punished because she was being impish. I too love this picture.

Julie Ritchie said...

Hi Lyn,
My mom also has a picture of "A Special Pleader" (the little girl in the corner with the collie) The picture reminds her of a collie we had that protected my brothers and sisters when they were little. She also found the poem "A Mother's Point of View" by Shirley Scovern on the back of her print. I am looking for information on the author of the poem, but am unable to find anything. Are you aware of any such information? Thank you, Julie

Anonymous said...

I would like to have the words to the A Mother's Point of View by Shirley Scovern if anyone would share it. I can not find it on the internet.

K8brandt said...

I too have been looking for the poem online. I just cleaned out my closet and found it.

I know you love her Laddie
You're faithful through and through.
But she is being punished, Because I love her too.

She’s such a little innocent
I’m glad you protect her.
But, she is also impish
and it’s my job to correct her.

I want her to be beautiful
Inside as well as out.
So I must show her right from wrong,
Then stand and watch her pout.

I see you pleading for her
To be allowed to play.
Just let me hug and kiss her,
Before you both go ‘way.

I know my precious daughter
Is a special little girl.
And you’re a special pleader
Who has done his job quite well.