Friday, June 5, 2009

With heart felt thanks to two beautiful Ladies

This is a very special post for me where I am giving thanks to two very special ladies in my life.... Ok so first I say thanks to Miss Ali... first for making my template for my oh so pretty blog, matching ebay template & *me* page... When I decided to start on a new journey & open a website (with the encouragement of so many of the lovely ladies out there) I emailed Ali & asked her if she would consider making a template to match my blog etc. To be honest I felt bad as Ali had decided to have a break from making her amazing creations & to top it off she is pregnant with her fourth child so I honestly did not expect to receive a YES from her. To my absolute delight Ali agreed to make my template PLUS a banner for my etsy site plus a few extras! If you go back to my first ever post you will see how I felt about the blog page, I was blown away as to how *pretty* it is & I still am, every time I log in I just sit & look at my page & the feeling ...well I cannot describe how I feel except to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it & now I have the same oh soooooo *pretty* website! So my gorgeous (fellow Kiwi) Miss Ali I thank you with all my heart.... you have no idea what it means to me xxxxx

So above is as you all know my oh so pretty banner made by Miss Ali & now on to the second beautiful Lady I wish to give thanks to.... I have *known* Miss Rebecca for quite a few years now as she has always been in *My Favourites* in ebay right from the time I became a member. I always saved her stunning creations to my *watch* list & dreamed of making stunning creations like Rebecca made. I do not know if she remembers this but years ago I emailed her when I first thought about selling on ebay but felt what I created was not good enough & more or less just poured my heart out to her. I received an email back telling me to believe in myself & how she felt when she sold her first item on ebay. I have never forgotten her words to me, the encouragement she gave was what finally gave me the *guts*? to start selling. I have bought a couple of Rebecca's works of art & cherish them, Christmas items that are lovingly stored away each year & they still take my breath away when they are unpacked when it is time to decorate for Christmas, always taking pride of place in my home... Ok so I was reading Miss Reb's latest post this morning & could not believe it was about *Vintage Graphics* & how she uses them to make her creations. The thing is I have been trying to make cards up with my pretty banner & couldn't master it but after reading her post today I have finally *done it* thank you my oh so sweet Rebecca, once again you have put me on the right path towards my new journey... Go & visit Miss Rebecca Ooohhh & I forgot to say I have her blog open in a separate page just to listen to her beautiful music.. right now I listening to the theme from *Dances with Wolves*...

I have been putting off admitting to myself this but the two ladies who have had the most influence in setting me on my new path in life are both very religious.. something I have chosen not to be in the past... now I am feeling that they have been sent to me for a reason.. so maybe it my time to start believing....

So to these two very special Ladies & FRIENDS I say ...THANK YOU FROMTHE BOTTOM OF MY HEART & I LOVE YOU BOTH XXXXXX...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
Your new blog page is just beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!
I too have been touched by the lovely Ali, her name was given to me by a fellow blogger in regards to doing my web site. Needless to say I am as still in love with it as I was the day Ali emailed me with what it was going to look like.
I am off now to see Rebecca's blog, you have me intrigued.
I am glad you are finding your way, & yes you too have touched many people with your kind words & heartfelt thoughts.
Have a great long weekend my friend.

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Your page is gorgeous! Congrats on your 100th posts.

That is really an awesome tribute to Rebecca's influence on one. She does carry the 'word' throughout her life. Everyone is 'given' to us for a reason ... as you find your 'way', God bless.

TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I hope the spirit of Christ continues to filter through your heart. I once was a lost sheep but now, I have no doubt who my shepherd is. I pray that you will always keep heart and mind open.

Second, CONGRATULATIONS on opening your website. I encourage everyone to do what their hearts tell thems so long as it doesn't

hurt them,
hurt another,
break the law (civil & moral)

When you follow your heart, good things will come. When you follow the way of Christ, great things happen.

Best of luck to you.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It is ofetn when we are at the end of our teether we realise that is where God Lives!
Souinds like what you needed was provided.
It all looks beautiful,and your items you make ,Make my head spin!
My Sewing machine has sat untouched.
You are very brave to go and do a Webshop.

Ali said...

Oh wow, i have no words for such kindness. You have truly blown me away. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtfulness. You are an absolute pleasure to know, do you know that? I am so looking forward to seeing your website full of beauties. Thank you for touching my heart today and I just visited Rebecca's blog and I can totally understand how her life has touched yours. She is an inspiration for sure. Be blessed sweet Lyn, as you pursue the path before you. May our Heavenly Father make himself real to you and lead you in His ways. Blessings and much love, Ali ox

Rebecca said...

Dear Lyn,

I am soo humbled by your precious comments my sweet Aussie friend. I remember first chatting with you several years ago and there was something so genuine about your heart that it was easy to take you in and draw you close. You are very talented and I know your hands will continue to be profoundly blessed.

Life can be very challenging at times and mine certainly hasn't been perfect. There have been struggles and heartache and real disappointment. Even tears. Sometimes lots of tears. But, along with the difficulties I've carried with me a quiet, lasting assurance that no matter where I go or what I may face in my lifetime God will always be by my side. The joys and the happiness have ALWAYS outweighed the sorrows and I am profoundly thankful for His grace.

For many years I suffered with such deep low self-esteem that just raising my head off my pillow was painful. I spent more days saying "I Can't" than I did saying "I Can"! I was afraid to try anything new because I greatly feared failure. One day I heard a very simple message that changed my life... Basically it said this...

"There is only ONE YOU! God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called."

Whatever it is he has blessed and favored you to do my friend, do it! He will not call you to do something without first providing EVERYTHING YOU NEED to fulfill that calling. Ultimately this will bring to you a joy and peace like you have ever known. He promises to meet your ever need and to be with you at every turn. His faith in me renewed my every step but it has been my faith in Him that changed my life.

I'm blessed to know you, blessed to call you my friend. I’m so excited about your success!

Love to you from the center of the U.S.A (Oklahoma!),


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Lyn
I've catching up with blogs - I've had website woes - big time - which has been very time consuming - all part of it though isn't it

Of course I can totally agree on your praise for Ali - I will definetly be going over to visit Rebecca - she sounds very inspirational

I'm so looking forward to visiting your NEW website - I bet it will be absolutely wonderful!

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi Lyn

*Miss Ali's* websites are just beautiful and I had a quick peek at yours, and it is stunning. Good luck with setting it up and I wish you many, many sales!
Last week decided it was time to make some goodies and get my website up and running. All I have to do is get off the computer and make some!

Glenda xxx

Marilyn said...

Hi Lyn..I love your new header! Marilyn xoxo