Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who would believe you could get excited about a loo reno...Part 1....

I really feel I should apologise for being so slack with my posting lately good grief it is a wonder any of you guys even bother to pop in anymore. So its time I got back into blogland again believe it or not I have missed you all.

Ok so the photo below is my lovely laundry floor - to be honest here I do not know what possessed the person to come up with this design let alone colours, but I guess it was probably all the rage in the 70's - this WAS in the house when we bought it & not something we put in! The reason I'm showing the laundry floor is that I forgot to take one of the loo floor before it was taken out! So after I painted the walls & the new throne was put in Mr MP&CC decided it needed new flooring so off we went in search for some not too expensive but not cheap looking tiles & for the bargain price of $17.50 came home with just the right amount! So where did we get our bargain of the day....at our local tip of all places!

Taadaa... here they are laid sorry not the best photo but Mr MP&CC only finished the grouting tonight. I kinda reckon he has done a top notch job good grief where would I be without a handyman in the house. W e have decided now to go & get some more & tile around the bottom of the wall mainly because when the old lino was pulled out the bottom of the walls needed to be painted & I really do not want to do it! So what do you think?? Part 2 will be posted when its finished & then its on to the revamp of the bathroom, I will taken before photos of that grotty little room for yous.

Well that's it for tonight is very late nearly 2am, finding I an having trouble sleeping lately so had better get off to bed or I will not get up in the morning.

Hope you all have a great day.....

Oh nearly forgot hope all you lovely ladies out there had a great Mothers Day

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Marydon said...

I can imagine ... I was soooo excited when we redid our main bath area I could have danced jigs. Looks good so far ... your tiles are not that much different than mine.

TTFN ~ Marydon