Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~The Final Assembly~

                                                      ~Danny, Taska, Sam, Iesha~

Today we attended our daughter Taska Rose's Year 12 Farewell Assembly & I really cannot describe the pride I felt (plus the welling up of my eyes) as she walked onto the stage to recieve her portfollio not to mention when the teachers formed a guard of honour as Year 12 of 2010 walked out of the hall for their last ever assembly. The next time they will walk into the hall will be in about 3 weeks time when their HSC exams begin.....

~Taska & her Aunty Cheryl~

Today my Darlin' & I witnessed the end of 12 years of Taska's schooling & it was great for me to see a lot of the mum's I had met on the first day Taska started school attending the last.......

                                                  ~Taska & Crabby, always best mates~

So for me today was bitter sweet, the pride I felt mixed with a bit of sadness to realise my beautiful little girl is now a young lady with the world at her feet........

                                                                ~Georgina & Taska~

It was also great to see & cuddle a lot of Taska's friends we hadn't seen for a few years, girls who used to sleep over when they were younger & just do the things little girls do before boyfriends come on the scene.... boy how things change when the interest in boys begin.....

It has been a busy week with Year 12 providing morning tea for the teachers on Monday, a slave auction on Tuesday, the final assembly today & tomorrow the BIG one...... the Year 12 Formal. Tomorrow I am spending the day with my gorgeous girl getting her ready for her big night, hair, nails, makeup & last minute buying all to be done before Taska & Georgina leave from here tomorrow night. I know tomorrow night the tears certainly will be flowing. Photos will be posted on Friday.

We love you gorgeous girl & are so proud of you. xxx


Marydon said...

G'morn ~
Congrats on your daughter's stepping into a new world ... may she be safe, blessed & successful.

Have a great week ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

My Striped Seaside said...

wow such a huge milestone isnt it? Well done to your girl and hope the exams, formal and all the other bits go well. I have the same thing coming up in 2 years cannot believe it actually. Mel xx

Gail McCormack said...

Congratulations to your beautiful Taska!
Hope all goes well with her exams.

Looking forward to seeing pics of her Formal.

Gail xx