Thursday, May 27, 2010

~*Keeping Calm Can Sometimes Be Oh So Hard*~

.......but I'm trying real hard here, honest I am. Quite some time ago I posted about repainting my hallway it was out with the green & in with all cream & white. Now I had promised the after piccies but just before I was to post them my computer crashed & I lost all my photos...... The other day I had a friend over with her young son & it wasn't until they had left I discovered (to my horror) that the little sweetheart had drawn on every single door jam in my hallway, all SIX of them with pen, not just drawing but going down through to the grain of the wood! Now when I paint I give each wall three coats & all window frames & door jams five coats as they usually get the most wear so here I am looking at all my hard work wrecked with steam coming out of my ears, suddenly I realised the whole lot had to come off & be re sanded & repainted all over again GRRRRRR. So today I decided to get in & started after doing the housework.... bad move...... I managed to strip one complete door jam & sand the grooves out, because of the layers of paint I had to use a scraper & then sand but the mess was incredible, little flakes of paint everywhere! I also have one side of another doorway done but to be honest my heart just was not in it today.I had really wanted to get outside & scrub down the cane lounge I showed in the last post & start painting her but today felt like Winter had arrived...... I awoke to it flogging down rain & cold, so there went that idea!

The photo above is the only one I have left of the hallway when it was finished...... the skirting boards are still green as the floorboards have yet to be polished & would take all the paint off, the old cane chair used to sit on my front Veranda, I made a new cushion cover for her & placed her here.......... a great place to sit with a good book........ Tomorrow if the weather is sunny I will be outdoors, if not back in my Hallway scrapping away so long as my aching shoulders let me.....
Wishing you all a great


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh What a little bugger!
And a horrible job for you to fix.
Sounds like a day in the fresh air would do you well

Alison said...

Oh Lyn what a pain in the bu-.
Sometimes you need eyes in the back of your head to see what some little 'sweethearts'!!!are up to.
Hope it doesn't drive you insane as you redo it all - good luck with it