Sunday, November 8, 2009

Am away Painting....

I have been away for over a week now have been flat out painting! I started in the bathroom & have just finished Dylan's room which has gone from *pink* it was originally Taska's room, to cream with white picture rail, skirting boards etc. Looks so much fresher & lighter. Have now started on the hallway & all the rooms will be the same colour. I had forgotten how time consuming doing the picture rails were, 3 coats on the walls is no problem but 3 coats of cutting in with a tiny brush can get very back breaking! I have also painted the furniture in his room white & left drawers & doors in the wood grain.... looking good I have to say....
Our Bonnie had 3 little pups all boys this time & cannot get over how fast they are growing.
Friday was a day of hell in Coffs Harbour, for the FIFTH time this year we flooded again, reporting 294mm of rain in just 24 hours. I cannot tell you just how terrifying it is to race around putting as much stuff up as possible & then just having to *wait & watch* the water rising hoping that the rain will either stop or at least ease off so the ground can soak up the swimming pool that is now our yard. A Fire Engine suddenly turned up outside our front yard with the local CES guys going door to door to see if anyone wanted to be evacuated, nobody left their homes I guess we were all determined to stay & try & keep the water out. We were lucky this time, the rain finally did ease off a bit so the drains could handle the huge volume of water, it had got 1/2" from coming into our Garage again. A lot weren't so lucky. In Gundagai Street where I live quite a few homes flooded, Bray Street looked like a war zone with cars swept away after the creek broke its banks, Gundagai Place where people had only moved back into their homes on Thursday after the March 31st floods only to be flooded once again, it truly is heart breaking. Park Beach Plaza our largest shopping centre which only celebrated 30 years of trading last week was also flooded, as was the city centre. A close friend of ours down the road had a leak in his roof which resulted in the entire ceiling in his kitchen caving in! Yesterday the rain eased even stopped for a while but today it is back, to be honest I think we have all seen enough. So I am now left wondering if our Federal Government will provide Flood Relief for those who have been affected once again, so far the citizens of Coffs Harbour have not seen one cent while other towns & cities affected by natural disasters have, I think it is time they showed support for us up here it will get to the stage where Insurance Companies will not be able to afford to keep paying out.

So I will be away for a while while I get my painting finished......

Hoping you are all having a great weekend...



Rebecca said...

Hello sweet girly...OK! I wanna see those rooms! If you are painting then we get to see, right?

Thinking of you...and how you bless me, always.

Love, Rebecca

chair up said...

Oh Lyn, that must have been so demoralising for your city. I had seen a bit on the news but wasn't aware of the extent!
Good on you for getting all that painting done. The best feeling is when it's all finished and you can put away the brushes and rollers and just enjoy the fruit of your labour.

zie said...

hi Lyn, nice blog

Siobhan said...

Hi Lyn,

I am so sorry to hear about the flooding in your area and hope you all get the help you need.

Good luck with the painting...I HATE painting walls lol.

Congrats on the puppies, I would LOVE to see some pics.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All the best with it Lyn.
We need rain ...Crazy huh?
I need to repaint our entire house!
But hate painting!
I am going to just wait til our renos are done that should be in a year to 18 mths!!!!!!!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Lyn, so happy to hear that you are ok with no flooding. Look forward to some photos of all the rooms you've painted.