Monday, April 13, 2009

Flying away & 18 years of Wedded Bliss........

Good lord..... it HAS been a while, long time even since I have posted on here truth is have been busy, been away visiting my family. I didn't realise just how much I needed to *go home*, yah know sort the old head out, get rid of the cobwebs & come back home feeling refreshed & eager to tackle the *to do* list I had written last year & seemed to get nowhere with it all. This time it was Dads turn to be surprised & just wish I had my trusty camera at the ready to capture his face!

Ok so the above photo was taken at the airport just before I flew out....... I'm on the left, Dad, Mum, my sister Sue & brother Deane. Normally do not like having my photo taken but suppose it could have come out worse! Came back to Coffs after the BIG flood & cannot believe it is still raining, out of 21 days have had 1 day without rain.
Have to make this one short, today my Darlin' & I have been married 18 years so a very special day & looking forward to going out to Dinner tonight.
Hope you are all having a great Easter & talk to yah tomorrow.


The Pink Poodle said...

dear time NO speak...
i think about you all the time....& mean to check up on your blog etc....BUT feel less guilty now as you have been slack as well!!

OKAY...NEVER rains here in melbourne...!!
hope you had a great break...lovely anniversary...what else is "SUP"!! as "THEY" say!!

xxx andrea

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Have a wonderful Anniversary!
♥ Teresa

Marilyn said...

Hi Lyn..welcome home!Have been wondering about you. Glad you had a great time with your familyn. Nothing like it to get you back to basics,eh? Floods were a pain. Hope you didn't come back to too much cleaning up from them. Marilyn

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a family pic taken. You all look so good and happy. Welcome back.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Welcome back..We knew you were missing!
You should'nt worry bout photosyoulook terrific.
Hope you enjoy your Anniversary celebrations!
18years is a good innings,eh?